My breasts have been super sore for the past week or so and I’m able to express some discharge from the right one. I had this same issue a few months ago and thought I was maybe pregnant at that time because I was nearly an entire month late, but then I finally got my period. This time around, I’m 19 days away from my period so I’m not sure what the deal is.
The discharge is clear, sticky, and umm… not sweet like colostrum (don’t judge me for checking haha) My daughter has been weaned for nearly 2 years now and I stopped being able to express anything within a few weeks of drying up, until now anyway.

Any ideas as to what could be going on? I would make an appointment with the gynecologist but I don’t have insurance (womp womppp) and Google isn’t really helping much.

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  1. HsiFire says:

    I don’t have any scientific answer for you but after my daughter weaned my milk dried up pretty quickly too, but every now and then I could still squeeze out a little bit of colostrum like liquid, it was not sweet– there is something called weaning milk, which I got, and my milk turned sort of thick and salty and the discharge was similar, never sweet.

    It sounds like maybe you have some hormonal fluctuations that could be causing this sporadically, I’ve heard of women who breastfed still being able to get a little out after they’re in their 40s and beyond, my guess is once the “flood gates” are open they sort of stay that way.

  2. ElaDr says:

    thanks, that’s reassuring. Google was starting to freak me out saying it could be a sign of a brain tumor and I have been getting headaches more frequently lately so it’s good to hear it’s normal.

  3. AdnFru says:

    Sounds like hormonal fluctuations, like mrsbenglish has said. My daughter is only eight months old, but I dried up at two months. I still get this salty, sticky fluid from my right nipple occasionally, and it only happens a week or two after my period.

    I would get concerned if the discharge becomes thicker/more frequent, or if it begins to smell odd/bad. Then you might have a duct infection.

  4. ElaDr says:

    That’s probably all that’s going on then. It has been a week or two since my period so that makes sense. My hormones must be going crazy or something though since my period has gotten crazy irregular lately.
    Thanks for the response. 🙂

  5. Mutnia says:

    Are you taking any medication? Some medications (such as anti-psychotics) can cause clear discharge from the nipples that looks like colostrum.

  6. ElaDr says:

    Nope, no medication whatsoever, besides the occasional Tylenol.

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