pure curiosity here!

I recently stopped taking oral contraceptives after being on them for about 2 years. it’s been interesting to watch my body change as it readjusts to its natural hormone levels. for example, 2-3 months after stopping, I had major acne breakouts… but after giving it another month, my skin is returning to normal.

my question now has to do with menstruation itself. I know HBC is often prescribed to help women with menorrhagia because it can reduce flow and/or offer the option of skipping things entirely. I’m curious about the mechanism by which it does the latter.

for me, withdrawal bleeds involved a fairly steady flow, whether it was heavy (first/second day) or light (the rest of the time). what I mean is – like a river, whether the current happens to be fast or slow on that particular day 🙂 my normal periods, on the other hand, seem to be more like tiered waterfalls! often there is no flow for hours, resulting in clean products, but then I’ll have clots and very heavy flow all at once.

have other women experienced this as well? if normal, why does it work that way?
thanks for satisfying my curiosity. 🙂

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2 Responses to question about periods vs. withdrawal bleeds

  1. Yajme says:

    When I’m on the pill, I’ll usually bleed heavily for the first five/six days, have about three days without any kind of bleeding, and then suddenly have a final gush of blood, or just brown discharge.

    When I’m off the pill, I just tend to bleed for nine days straight- extremely heavy for five days, then slowly tapering off for the last four.

  2. Ezaora says:

    My experience is actually the opposite of yours. On the pill I have whole days when there is absolutely no blood, then I’ll have a sudden gush. Off the pill I have more or less steady flow. I’m on the pill, and I don’t know how my body is going to adjust this time around (I took a break about a year ago).

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