Hello everyone. I’ve been off nuvaring several months, and just tried lo estrin but haven’t even been on it a month and hate it.
So I’m wanting to switch back to nuvaring but my boyfriend has seen commercials on tv and read stuff online about it not being safe health-wise, and I was just wanting other opinions.

I asked the nurse about it who gave me the lo estrin 24, and she said those commercials are just lawyers trying to make money, and that it’s safe except for older women with heart peoblmes who are smokers. I’m a 25 1/2 yr old non-smoker who recently less than a month ago stopped smoking marijuana.

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  1. Nnyme says:

    The nurse is right, those commercials are mainly ambulance chasers. I’ve been on it from Jan. 2005 to Mar. 2009, then from April 2011 to currently. I haven’t had any issues or side effects.

  2. SseNope says:

    Well, just because you haven’t had problems doesn’t mean that others haven’t. But I agree, the bulk of those sort of commercials are due to lawsuits that are essentially meaningless. NuvaRing has an increased risk of clots because it contains estrogen. All combined birth controls like that come with an increased risk of stroke, but the increase is pretty much statistically meaningless unless you have those other risk factors.

    If you really want to reduce your stroke risk, then look into progesterone-only methods like POPs or Mirena, or hormone-free methods like copper IUDs. Otherwise, you’re probably fine if your doctor says you are.

  3. Knious says:

    Your nurse is right. Any hormonal birth control is going to have warnings about blood clots, and all of those warnings include things like “these risks may be more pronounced if you are a smoker.” So, if you’re not prone to blood clots (if you’re a healthy 25-year-old, you’re probably good) and you don’t smoke cigarettes, your chances of having any of those issues because of the birth control are relatively low. At the very least, the chances aren’t going to be any worse on NuvaRing than they would be on LoEstrin; both are hormonal, and consequently have similar risks.

    Also, I don’t think smoking marijuana is something you need to be concerned about as far as blood clots/HBC goes. Risks of blood clots for smokers is related to all the stuff in cigarettes (nicotine, tar, whatever else is in there; I don’t feel like googling it, but you get the idea). Since marijuana doesn’t have those same chemical components, it doesn’t have the same side effects as cigarette smoke does. (On your cardiovascular system, at any rate. The effects on your respiratory system might be similar, although as far as I know marijuana isn’t nearly as bad for your lungs). Marijuana might, of course, have other risks, that are probably less well-researched, but certainly none that I know of, and none that my doctors have mentioned. At any rate, if you’re at all concerned about it, you could always ask your doctor. I’ve never had any health care provider bat an eye at the fact that I smoke(d) weed. 🙂

    TL;DR: NuvaRing is no less risky for you than LoEstrin.

  4. 29dWoman says:

    i believe it’s the tar that has all the carcinogenic stuff in it? I should really know considering I just took a drugs class lol

  5. Sseyle says:

    I don’t think this is exactly 100% true. There is some concern that the type of progesterone in Nuvaring may cause a higher risk of blood clots than other combined hormonal contraceptives. (So says the nuvaring website!)

    At the same time, OP, it is not “dangerous.” The overall risk is very low, and if you don’t have other risk factors, it’s something that most doctors and most people would feel very comfortable with. It’s the difference between very very very low risk, and very very very low risk, if you will.

  6. Yaj77 says:

    thanks everybody

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