So, I'm switching from disposable products to cloth pads + menstrual cup, and it's going well. BUT. A few days after my cycle ended I noticed a mysterious crop of, well, pimples, throughout my pubic mound.

It cannot be ingrown hairs, as I haven't shaved in a while, and it cannot be some kind of STD as I am not sexually active. I'm wondering  if they are the result of a sensitivity to the detergents I have been using to wash the pads – I really don't want stains, so I've been absolutely attacking them with Shout spray and then washing with Era. Has anyone else experienced similar? I\

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5 Responses to Pubic acne after cloth pad use?

  1. EsiSmall says:

    My guess would definitely be the detergent. Try an unscented variety. If you’re worried about staining, hydrogen peroxide is pretty effective when the blood is mostly wet. You can also soak your pads in cold water before washing.

    In my experience, it’s pretty hard to stain a cloth pad. I’ve had mine for a couple years and all I do is wash/wring it out in cold water after I take it off before throwing it into the machine.

  2. Talzoa says:

    my guess is maybe the Shout isn’t totally rinsing out of the pads…or the detergent is a problem like you said. i use all free and clear and haven’t had a problem. if i use any stain remover it’s a paste of oxy clean.

  3. Gni007 says:

    I’d put my money on the cleaning products.

    A cold-water soak and wash is honestly probably enough. 🙂

  4. 64oTuT says:

    If you are really worried about stains try a little Woollite. It doesn’t have the otehr sort of stuff that most detergents have.

  5. Yreora says:

    It could be the detergent. Soak the pads in cold water before washing. Wash them on a cool wash with minimal detergent and do an extra rinse after. Don’t use any fabric softener because that coats the fibres, negatively affects absorbency and can cause the kind of reaction you describe.

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