Ok, people, I thought I’d never write one of these posts, since I usually think my methods of contraception should be safe enough, but … I’m kind of scared right now.
Well, I was on the pill until January. I’m in a long-distance relationship (two different continents, actually) right now, so I didn’t see my boyfriend from January to April. I’m with him right now, though, and since I was on the pill before, it’s the first time that we rely on condoms alone. And I think that makes me somewhat paranoid.
I should have gotten my period last Friday. I didn’t. However, Tuesday evening this week I got cramps (I always do on the first day of my period) and started bleeding. Tuesday until Wednesday evening I had a pretty normal flow, but yesterday it stopped almost entirely, and now there’s just some (very little) brownish discharge.
The weird thing is that the one and a half days I was bleeding, it was only blood – fresh, red blood, without any clots. And now I’m scared that this might be implantation bleeding. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative, but then I guess if implantation was only Tuesday, the test wouldn’t be positive yet.
I know it’s highly unlikely – I mean, I guess we would have noticed if a condom had slipped or anything. My boyfriend kept thrusting for a few seconds once after ejaculating, but there didn’t seem to be any semen leaking from the condom. So I know I’m probably not pregnant. But I just don’t understand why my period – if it’s a period – is so weird this time. Is it possible that I didn’t ovulate, so the uterine lining doesn’t shed, but I’m still bleeding? Could it be that my cycle is still wonky almost four months after getting off the pill (I did have two “normal” periods since then, though)?
I think I’d be less worried if I had just skipped a period – but this weird bleeding scares me.
To make matters worse, I really don’t think I’d want to have a child now, but abortion is illegal here and in all the neighbouring countries (in some of them even if the woman’s life is in danger), so I’d have to get back home earlier (besides the fact that I wouldn’t exactly look forward to the abortion itself either, but I think right now having a baby would be even worse).

I guess I just need some reassurance that this weird period – just blood, no clots – does not have to be implantation bleeding, just to get me through the next few days before I can take another test.

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. SguTuT says:

    When I went off the pill, my period was normal for the first two bleeds and then the third one was extremely late, light and short. It freaked me out, too, and I took like 7 pregnancy tests. So in my experience, your period can definitely wait a bit before it wonks out.

  2. Arava says:

    Thank you for the reassurance, that definitely helps! 🙂

  3. SmaNY says:

    When I got off Hormonal birth control, it took almost 6 cycles before it normalized. Also, my periods got shorter and lighter until I averaged 1 day of ‘heavy’ bleeding (no clots) and two days of tapering until it would stop on the 4th day.

    If you’re still worried, buy a pregnancy test to check.

  4. Arava says:

    Thank you 🙂 It’s extremely reassuring that it’s possible to have a “normal” period without clots (I never did before).
    As I said, if implantation was only Tuesday, a pregnancy test wouldn’t be positive yet, so I have to wait a couple more days.

  5. SmaNY says:

    I’m not sure what your cycle length is or when the sex in question occurred, but implantation bleeding does not resemble a period at all.

    Maybe this can help clear any confusion up

    I’m 10 weeks pregnant and I did not experience any bleeding the day I implanted. I did experience dark brown discharge on toilet paper when I wiped two weeks after my period was due, which my OB said was from when the fertilized egg implanted.

  6. Arava says:

    Thanks for the info! In some other community a couple of women wrote about implantation bleeding that resembled a period, which is what got me worried.
    Good luck with your pregnancy.

  7. Nagzoa says:

    I had implantation bleeding, after 2 days of “spotting” I took a test which resulted in a positive result. So I’m thinking your not pregnant.

  8. Nagzoa says:

    Also I barely dirtied a liner so it shouldn’t be a flow if it is indeed implantation bleeding.

  9. Arava says:

    Wow, that’s interesting – I only found sources that said implantation was about six days after fertilisation and therefore too early to get a positive result. Thanks! 🙂

  10. Arava says:

    … wait, I got that wrong – six to twelve days, but on average nine, is the information I found.

  11. Hteall says:

    If you test 19 days after the sex you’re concerned about, you can generally trust a negative. (But for your own peace of mind, tell your partner no more thrusting after ejaculation? I wouldn’t worry much about it, personally, but I’ve been using condoms for a couple decades and am pretty confident about ’em now — and have Plans pretty much in place if there were an unexpected pregnancy.)

    Good luck!

  12. Arava says:

    Well, that was only nine days ago, unfortunately, so I’d have to wait a bit more – but I already feel a bit better 🙂 And yeah, I already told my boyfriend. Thanks!

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