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i have been given an appointment with a nurse for a pre-assessment before my little procedure, its on tuesday 10th and the procedure is on thursday 12th. does anyone know what happens at a pre-assessment? specifically for a gynae-type procedure? the letter is very vague and says to bring a list of medications i'm taking, that the procedure will be discussed and the nurse will answer any questions i have. this is good. it says there might be necessary tests taken but not what they could be. i assumed things like height, weight and blood pressure would be taken to calculate stuff for the anaesthetic, are there any tests that are gynae specific that might need to be done that anyone knows of? i phoned the hospital number on the letter and they were only able to tell me tests would be necessary, so not very helpful. i'd just like to be mentally prepared for any possiblities because i tend to freak out in hospitals.

and after my gynae examination on the 9th of december i got a yeast infection. it was diagnosed a week later by my gp after i was driven around the bend by the soreness. i have had the canesten tablet, canesten cream and yogurt with acidophilous and bifidus in it daily. i can't think of anything else i could use because of my situation. its faded a bit but its still there, do i need to tell the nurse at the appointment? if i forget to tell the nurse due to freaking out which tends to clear all rational thoughts out of my head, will that have any repercusions? like will that cause bad things or encourage more infection after the procedure? i do have a list of things to ask or tell the nurse, but the chances that i will remember i have a list when i'm there aren't great.

as always, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

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  1. Eanva says:

    Pre-assessments and the tests involved in them vary depending on the type of procedure you are having. Are you ok with sharing with us what you are going to have done, so we can help figure out what they might want during the pre assessment?

  2. 46eana says:

    sorry, i had some problems posting this, so i think the internet may have eaten it but i tried to linky to my previous post.

    i’m having an examination under a general anaesthetic so the gynae can break my hymen because it has 3 tiny holes in it. until i’m under and they’re actually examining they don’t know if they will have to remove some of it and put stitches in it or may be do a hymenectomy.

    sorry for being unclear.

  3. NilWo says:

    I would ask the nurse if you having a Yeast Beast will interfere with the procedure, because that’s what a pre-assessment is for. In regards to remembering the list, take in a paper version! I do this all the since I have the same problem [forgetting half the questions on the list, etc] and it’s been really helpful.

  4. 46eana says:

    thank you. i will add this to my list. its kinda nice to know i’m not the only person who forgets half their questions. the paper version is a great idea which i always forget i can actually write. i think i’m too computer reliant.

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