Hi everyone!

I just wanted to say that I had my laparoscopy yesterday. Last Wednesday they found that my ovarian cyst had grown to 10cm x 14cm x 5cm. My surgery was already scheduled, so there was nothing else to be done ahead of time.

Thank you to everyone who posted in reply to my various questions over the last while. I think I was much better prepared due to your thoughtfulness than I would have been otherwise, and as a result I had good results and am having a fairly easy recovery so far.

The cyst was NOT cancerous, just really flippin’ huge, and they did three incisions along my belly line instead of two (so I have four total since there was the usual one in my belly button, too).

The anaesthetic really knocked me for a loop and I slept a lot yesterday – basically stayed at the hospital three hours longer than they’d expected because I was completely incapable of getting myself dressed or anything. My husband was great and took good care of me. .Hhe stayed by my side all day except during the operation itself, and he helped me with whatever I needed help with. He also took today off work (good since I had to have someone with me for 24 hours post-surgery) and has brought me food and water and meds.

I’ve been independently mobile since early this morning, when I woke up in the night and had to pee. It hurts, but not too much. Mostly the incisions are kind of itchy, and I have a little pain in my belly now and again. I have Tylenol 3’s and I’m taking two every four hours; tomorrow I’m going to try taking one instead of two. My mom might be coming to spend the day with me tomorrow, but it depends on the roads (she’s an hour and a half away and the weather’s been a bit stormy lately).

I’ve taken some stool softeners, but haven’t had any luck with that yet. Anything that involves my abdominal muscles hurts. Any tips on that count would be lovely. 😛

Here’s a timeline, for the curious (note that I was completely asymptomatic regarding the cyst for the entire time; no pain, nothing):
January 2011 – GP discovers uterine fibroid during physical, sends me for ultrasound
March 2011 – 9cm cyst is discovered on left ovary during ultrasound, decision to wait and see
September 2011 – cyst is still there, still the same size, I am referred to gynecologist
October 2011 – I have cervical polyp removed during physical exam by gynecologist, decision to wait a little longer before deciding about surgery
December 2011 – cyst is still there, about 10cm now, decision to refer me for surgery, which could take up to six months to get in
February 2012 – surgery date is set
March 2012 – final pre-op ultrasound and appointment with gynecologist, cyst has grown to 14cm, gynecologist says he may have to make the removal incision larger and that may require overnight hospitalization; a week later, I have surgery and am recovering

I am to see the gynecologist again in about six weeks but will be seeing my GP in a couple of weeks to renew my birth control.

I am in Canada – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Thanks to our health care system, I did not have to worry about the cost of anything at the hospital, and thanks to my husband’s work insurance, the prescription cost us $15 and if I’d had to stay overnight that would have been fully covered as well. I also did not have to pay for any of the ultrasounds or doctor’s appointments I had leading up to this surgery. I am extremely thankful for our health care system. [I am not meaning for this to be a political statement or to start a political debate, just to give my perspective on my health care system because I know there are some people who are very confused about the Canadian health care system and how it works. Basically, we pay taxes and those taxes help to fund the health care system.]

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5 Responses to Post-laparoscopy; removal of ovarian cyst

  1. GniNet says:

    I’m envious of your healthcare system and definitely hope to see something similar in the United States one day. Glad the experience went well for you and hope you continue to recover nicely!

  2. 210Super says:

    Huzzah for a lap without complications! I’m happy you have the large unwelcome cyst gone and that you are on the road to getting back to normal! Tylenol-3 can really stop you up. I’ve found that I had to take more than the recommended dose of the laxative/stool softener to get things going. Specifically I would take 2 pills instead of one. If that doesn’t work, try a different brand of over the counter laxative, such as milk of magnesia. Be sure to drink, drink DRINK fluids when you are taking laxatives and pain medication, as both can dry you out.

    My incisions were itchy/sore for about a week, and then started to become a bother only when I stretched them. When the steri-strips fell off I put some Mederma on them and rubbed them gently daily to prevent hypertrophic scarring. Now the ones along my bikini line are flat and only noticeable because they are darker, but the one in my belly button is stubbornly raised. 🙁

    Just curious – what are they going to do about your uterine fibroid?

  3. Ennmsk says:

    Thanks for the tips, I will try to drink more fluids and hopefully that will help things move a bit more.

    I am very curious about the fibroid, myself; as soon as they found the cyst they focused on that. I will try to ask the gynecologist when I go for my next appointment.

  4. Nnyme says:

    Welcome to the healing club!! I had mine done Tuesday. I went to the pre-op holding area around 8:30, and they had a difficult time getting an IV in(they tried the back of my right hand, my left wrist which ended up blowing a vein so I have a lovely bruise there), and they finally called over the anesthesiologist who after some wrangling, got in into the back of my left hand. I went back at 9, and was in recovery by 10:30. I left around 1pm. I went home coughing up a storm, and had a breakdown due to the anesthesia and the pain of coughing with incisions, so I went to the doctor the next morning after determining I still had a fever, and it had gone up to 100.9. I waited to hear back from them all day, and turns out I got mycoplasma pneumonia. Had the hospital used an ear thermometer or even an oral one, they would have known I was running a high fever and run tests or delayed the operation. They use the same forehead thermometer we have, and at 100.9 oral/aurally, the temporal(forehead) reads 99. 2. I’m a little annoyed they didn’t check to see if something was wrong with me, but I’m glad I have the surgery over with. I too have not had any BM action, so instead of doing 1 stool softener a day, I’m going to up it to 2 starting today. I also think I need to start taking extra iron because I have bruised very easily. I hope your recovery goes well!!!

  5. Ennmsk says:

    Ugh, I hope the pneumonia heals soon and I hope your recovery goes well, too!

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