Hi all! I'm in a bit of a bind due to being between insurance coverages (new job, doesn't kick in until August) and not really having the money to spend on unnecessary doctor visits. I realize and acknowledge that I may have to go anyway, but I'd like to avoid it unless I have no other option. As such, I'm trying to get a better idea of what this is, if it's clearly something I can treat myself or will go away on its own, or if it's clearly something that I need to get checked out.

Forewarning: I'm a bit wordy.

Lots of background info: I'm just now getting over a nasty cold (flu?) that included minor abdominal muscle soreness. It was fine unless I stretched or laid on my stomach, things like that. It's mostly gone now but there's still a little there. That started a little over a week ago and mostly subsided by Wednesday. I am part of a poly triad, but we're not active with others at the moment and haven't been in at least a year, probably closer to two. There are no known infections or odd symptoms with either of my partners. I've had BV before and didn't know it due to being asymptomatic. I've also had plenty of yeast infections. I had a UTI when I was little, but none since – I had some symptoms similar to this before (discomfort, we'll get to that in a bit) and doctor tested me and told me it was nothing, and it did go away with time. My period just ended. I have a copper IUD and no known lady problems aside from infrequent periods (which has resolved itself recently). No PCOS or anything.

Symptoms: I have yellowish discharge (or urine?). It's a pretty bright yellow. It's not chunky or anything like a yeastie tends to be, just kind of thin and yellow. My urine is dark, but I think that's just because I'm dehydrated. I'm drinking tons of water to take care of that. I have quite a bit of discharge… I normally wear unscented pantiliners, but I have been using scented… I've switched back to unscented as of today. I've had kind of an off-color but not overly concerning discharge for a couple months, but it's never been this alarming of a yellow and didn't come with any discomfort so I let it be.

I haven't had sex in a couple months either, though I have twice in the last couple weeks, and the most recent time my cervix (I imagine) hurt, kind of a sharp pain, but not unbearable. We had to stop anyway because my IUD made me nervous. I'm not cramping at all, though I do have vaguely yeasty sensitiveness down there that started today – definitely reminds me of a yeastie. At the same time, when I pee, it's not exactly painful but it's uncomfortable. I don't have that "I GOTTA PEE ALL THE TIME!" feeling that UTIs give you and no burning. It reminds me of when I went in because I thought I had a UTI and the doctor told me it was just irritation, but I mention it just in case it's relevant.


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  1. SstRa says:

    Hm, this doesn’t sound like the “routine” UTI, I’ve had so many and had all the same symptoms. However, I know that you can have varied symptoms, or no symptoms at all.

    It sounds like there’s possibly something going on. If you really feel something is up, you could always go to Planned Parenthood. I think it would be cheaper than a regular doctor’s visit.

  2. PvyNo says:

    That’s a thought. Worst case scenario, I could def. go to PP. I wonder what their rates are like for something like this? I’ve been there for BC before, but never for any medical assistance.

  3. SstRa says:

    Perhaps you could call and ask before actually going in.

  4. PvyNo says:

    That would be logical, yes. Thanks. 😀

  5. Egneeva says:

    I would say you’re probably bordering on a BV infection. I tend to have bright yellow discharge with mine, sometimes it will turn to pink or green/brown.

    Your best bet (imho) is to go get some boric acid and make capsules to insert every night for 5-10 days. No matter if it’s BV or a yeastie, this will acidify the vagina, get the pH back in check and at least take care of the symptoms.

    No matter what, this will not hurt you 🙂

  6. PvyNo says:

    Hmmm. That’s an idea. I wonder if making or buying capsules would be cheaper? There’s a natural-y store nearby – I’d bet money they have both.

    Do you get BV infections a lot? It’s similar to a yeastie, isn’t it? In that it’s a bacterial infection aided by the pH of the vagina being out-of-whack? That’s my understanding of it, anyway.

  7. Egneeva says:

    Well, I made my own because it was chronic for me, but it might cost less just to do it once 🙂 Ask the pharmacist, but you can order on Amazon too.

    BV occurs when your pH is out of whack because the bacteria (typically Gardnerella) take over if you aren’t sufficiently acidic. Boric acid will do the trick for this. If you maintain this acidity, your good flora will recolonize with the time given to do that.

    The pH test kits you can buy will simply tell you whether or not the pH environment is favorable for either of these…

    Yeast just occurs from an overgrowth of yeast and doesn’t necessarily affect or (be affected by) pH. Sugars, moisture, etc.

  8. Egneeva says:

    Oh AND…I don’t get them anymore since I’ve had my hysterectomy. Menstrual blood is bad for chronic BV sufferers and since I bled more often then not, I was battling BV on the off times.

    If you find this is the case, use a capsule after your period, or use the Rephresh brand of tampons infused with acid.

  9. PvyNo says:

    I’ve seen the Rephresh, I was wondering what they were for. Hmmmm. That’s definitely something to keep in mind. Since I was asymptomatic the once, I should probably do something as a precautionary measure. I don’t doubt that I’ve had it other times (perhaps chronically?) and not known.

    At any rate, I hate nothing more than that call from the doctor after your pap about abnormalities that makes you so concerned… and all it is is an infection that’s easily resolved.

  10. PvyNo says:

    Oh! So I could try the boric acid, definitely. Should I get some yeastie treatment in case that doesn’t do the trick?

  11. Egneeva says:

    Boric acid is a home treatment for yeast as well, so who knows if you’ll need anything else? 🙂 Neither one is going to cause any ill effects….

  12. PvyNo says:

    Good point! Okay, I’ll use the boric acid as my starting point and work my way from there. Thank you so much for your advice! 🙂

  13. PvyNo says:

    Okay! So I found some stuff that has boric acid as the first ingredient listed. It was marked as homeopathic-by-a-naturopath, so there’s a possibility it doesn’t have enough to be effective, but… it’s the closest I found. Boric acid and shea butter, it says, so either way I’ll be…super-moisturized, I guess!

  14. OibSuper says:

    Go to planned parenthood and get yourself checked. It sounds sorta like BV more than a yeastie, but it could also be an STI or PID. Planned Parenthood will check you out free of cost because you don’t have insurance, and they’ll provide whatever treatments you need that are related to sexual/reproductive health.

    I’ve had both BV and a yeast infection and they weren’t anything alike to me. The yeast infection caused a lot of itching and I got a white discharge that was white-ish and lumpy like cottage cheese. The odor wasn’t very offensive. It sometimes stung when I peed because the outside of my vulva was a bit raw from me itching. With VB, the discharge was more of a light yellow with a greenish tint, and milkier. It was thinner and the odor was pretty offensive too, like a mix of fish and dead chicken. I got the yeast infection when I was still a virgin, so idk if it caused pain during sex. I imagine it would have. The BV didn’t affect sex. I believe I’ve had a small yeast infection since, but I had no symptoms except for a tiny bit of an itch and my partners semen causing a burning sensation. I treated with a bit of OTC vaginal antifungal cream for a couple days and no issues since.

    When I got a UTI, it made sex painful, during initial penetration especially. I didn’t get much blood in my urine, it didn’t sting when I peed, but I did occasionally get that constant “Gotta go!” feeling even right after I already went. That and the pain during sex were the only symptoms I had.

  15. PvyNo says:

    I think it’s definitely on my to-do list, yeah. I doubt my income is low enough to get free service, but at least they don’t try to gouge you.

    Hmmm. Thank you for the info! That gives me a better idea of the differences in symptoms. I definitely don’t have a major odor, certainly nothing obviously offensive, but it’s so different from what I normally experience as a yeast infection that it’s concerning.

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