This past weekend, my boyfriend of a year and a half asked me if we could have a chat. Im cis female and he cis male. I could tell something had been bothering him for a few days but he just put it down to not feeling very well. So on saturday we had a chat and he told me that nearly 5 years ago he tested positive for HPV 16. He had it treated and it went away and during treatment was told that in most cases it clears the body and as his had seemingly gone, he went on with his life. We have both spoken of STIs and both of us being free of them, but this was never mentioned until now (and im not mad at him in any way for not mentioning this).

However, he now believes it has come back and the thought of it has him very depressed, angry & sick at the thought of passing it onto me. Not to mention, he thought id break up with him when he told me, which i have no intention of doing. I have had the gardasil vaccine.. before i became sexually active, so as far as i know, this creates immunity for me against this strain?

He has tiny tiny tiny little bumps that look just like tiny tiny penile pearly papules about 1cm below his rim. They are only noticable when he pulls the skin tight over them with good lighting. He is also uncircumcised but has good hygiene. He is just so incredibly stressed about this. Im not sure if it is HPV or not. He has an appointment next week with a urologist – as his doctor is not a great doctor from what i can gather and hes also looking into being cut. 

Basically, i guess im just wanting some opinions from others that can perhaps help in this situation, that can help ease his mind and mine and his stress as to wether im protected from the gardisil or not?


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  1. EohNet says:

    I’m pretty confused. As far as I know, there is still no test for HPV in males. A doctor could visually inspect warts, but that wouldn’t tell you which strain he had. As far as I can tell, strain 16 is a cancer-causing strain, not a wart-causing strain.

    Gardasil protects against strains 6, 11, 16 and 18. It also offers some protection against other strains.

  2. YtuRa says:

    That’s what I was thinking as he was telling me, but it turns out he had a biopsy done as the doctor hadn’t seen it the way it showed up on him as it was not warts. It showed up as bowens disease which is linked to hpv, so when they conducted the biopsy it showed it was the hpv 16 strain. Sorry i should have made mention of that above.

  3. OblFriut says:

    Healthy immune systems can slough HPV, you’d better get a second opinion on the pearly penile papules, they can look an awful lot like warts but are not harmful.

    also WHY would he consider a circumcision now?

  4. YtuRa says:

    I know that’s what I keep telling him, but he’s concerned as it’s a high risk strain.

    In regards to being cut, I can’t remember his reasoning, it made sense at the time I know that much but I think he’s always been bothered by not being..

  5. Hteall says:

    If it’s warts, it’s not high-risk. Warts are at worst uncomfortable; they can’t influence cells to join the bad gangs and get CANCER OR BUST tattoos.

    From what you say about the biopsy, it sounds like he had a normal non-HPV pearly penile papules and HPV, and now he’s cleared the HPV, but the PPP are showing up again — because they’re a different thing entirely and not contagious. I’d suggest that he get another biopsy done to ease his mind, and remember that even if it is HPV… Well, that’s what pap smears are for, and they did a really good job even before anyone knew HPV was implicated in cervical cell changes.

    (…do warn him that some people experience loss of sexual pleasure from circumcision? Although if he feels that his foreskin gets in the way (as some people with clitorises have issues with their clitoral hoods), then… it is his foreskin.)

    Good luck to y’all!

  6. Hteall says:

    And yes, if he’s sure it was HPV 16, Gardasil protects against that one. Nothing in life is 100%, but you are presumably very protected versus that strain.

  7. 29dWoman says:

    He wouldn’t have been treated for HPV. There isn’t a treatment for it-it either clears, or it doesn’t, can can cause problems (much more so for people with a cervix) that can be themselves treated.

    Gardasil gives you protection against some strains, not all of them.

    80% of people are exposed to this virus-if he wasn’t the first person you were sexual with, it’s even likely you were exposed before him.

    STD tests don’t test for HPV, so he was being honest when he said he was free of them if he had testing done. Herpes is also not routinely tested for.

  8. YtuRa says:

    As far as I know he was treated as he saw a dermatologist and urologist and they were frozen off and some taken in a biopsy. As it was nearly if not more than 5 years ago and they never returned he believed – according to being told most people clear them – that he had infact also cleared them.

    As for the STD testing, I never said he was tested for hpv there. We have both had full STD testing above the standard so we know we are STD free including bloods for hsv.

    He believed something a dr told him and in turn showed no reoccurring signs for and didn’t mention it as he believed he was free of it – much like having the flu. I can tell how much this is killing him as he’s actually been crying himself to sleep and in front of me, so it’s not really an issue of not being honest like it may seem 🙁

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