Hi people of VP!

I was discussing this recently and came to wonder how common my case is – I write right handed, cut bread right handed, but use a knife and fork left handed… As well as other activities. It just doesn't work with the other hand. I'd be grateful for your input in poll response or comment form!

Edit: I'm aware some people use both or no hands, in this case I'm particularly interested in which hand you'd consider the dominant one for this application.

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Which hand works best for you?

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Which hand do you use to masturbate?

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25 Responses to Poll: Which hand do you masturbate with?

  1. Remoma says:

    Haha, I’ve always wondered this, too!

  2. Ezaora says:

    I find it ironic that to leave a comment it says “Lend a hand”. I just wanted to suggest other options, because some people may prefer to use both hands, or one hand specifically for fingering/toys and another for clitoral stimulation. Or maybe I’m just the complicated one. Lol

  3. EugTuT says:

    I know, right? One hand does one thing, and the other hand does something else! I mean, I’m going to answer the poll with the ‘dominant’ hand, or the one that generally does more of the work, but I certainly don’t just use one hand!

  4. SseNope says:

    Option 5: no hands! (Don’t want to go into details in an unlocked post, though.)

  5. Eneora says:

    hahaha, same here. but when I do use hands, it’s right handed using my right hand, as I voted 🙂

  6. SseNope says:

    I decided to answer about masturbation during PIV.

  7. Effeeva says:

    The post should be locked as it’s members only… I’m not that keen either on discussing the topic openly in a googleable forum.

    Unless I’ve missed a change in privacy settings?

  8. 12Nobody says:

    No hands, here! 🙂

  9. Urispb says:

    I use my right hand for EVERYTHING, but I find that I use my left hand mostly when I masturbate. I don’t use toys or objects and it’s all clitoral for me. Sometimes I switch hands cuz my arm got tired but lefty is best.

  10. Effeeva says:

    Yeah, hand cramps are no fun – using the other hand though is just a poor substitute until my usual one can recover enough to carry on.

  11. Ono99 says:

    I am absolutely 100% left handed. I do *EVERYTHING* left handed.

    …I use my right hand. Couldn’t tell you why. I’ve wondered it myself from time to time. Tried using my left hand… feels weird. :c

  12. Effeeva says:

    It’s funny how things just don’t feel ‘right’, huh. I bet all this has a complicated and cool neurological underpinning.

  13. Taceva says:

    I’m untrained ambidextrous (there are a LOT of things that I literally switch off using hands for that generally are a “dominant” hand thing) but masturbation is one of those things that I pretty much have to use my right hand for because of angle (one side of my clit seems to be more sensitive and left hand doesn’t really reach it well, but this is probably just as much a function of short arms and fingers).


  14. Tccwoa says:

    I always use the same finger on my right hand, moving in the same way. I once switched fingers just to make it was actually possible to orgasm from using another finger, but I’ve found that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  15. 54ste says:

    I write with my left hand, I use scissors and knives with my left hand, but everything else I do right handed.

  16. UreNo says:

    I’m right-handed and use my right hand for everything. Sometimes I will use both hands though!

  17. Sronia says:

    I’m right hand dominant and use my right hand. I try using my left sometimes, but it feels overwhelming and weird.

  18. Effeeva says:

    Thanks for the comments folks 🙂 Been meaning to ask this question for a while and it’s cool seeing how we VPers stack up numbers-wise.

  19. SseNa says:

    Right handed, but I use my left hand. I know exactly why I do this- I use the computer mouse right handed. My boyfriend is the exact same, funnily enough. My right is untrained and it just feels weird to use it.

  20. AllDr says:

    I’m actually a right handed person who uses both hands, but there wasn’t that option. I just wanted to clarify.

  21. TacWoman says:

    I use my opposite hand bc my dominant hand is otherwise occupied. 🙂

  22. Todora says:

    I actually use both hands, switching if one gets tired or using one for insertion and one for clitoral stimulation, but I can’t orgasm unless using my right hand on my clit.

  23. Driofa says:

    Both. Definitely! Extra pressure for clitoral stimulation is fantastic.

  24. EilFru says:

    I’m right-handed normally. If I’m just out to diddle my skittle, I use the middle finger of my left hand only. The right hand only gets used for insertion purposes.

  25. AniSmall says:

    Hey there! Kick-ass idea 😀

    As a reminder/tip for the future, you might get more respondents if you set “detailed results visible to none” — that way folks’ answers remain private.

    Also, we just wanted to put it out there that if people want to pitch us fun poll ideas for those times when our MMMMonday plan falls through, we’d be only too delighted to hear them. 😉

    Take care,

    For the VP Team

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