Okay, so I have a couple of questions here. One is about my period. I’ve been (what I thought) was spotting the past couple of days. Upon further investigation, I was able to deduce that what I thought were strange blood spots on my underwear were actually blotches of dark brown, almost black discharge. I’m pretty sure I should have started my period by now, so I’m a little bit concerned. I lost my calendar that I kept track of my period in, so I’m not 100% sure of when my period should be starting. Should I be worried at all?

Which brings me to my next question:

Masturbation is basically tricking your brain in to thinking that you are having sex, correct? So would that make a difference in your cycle? Should I be marking “intimate” on my new period tracker each day that I masturbate or when someone else is fingering me? Or is that for like, all out PIV sex, do you think?

I hope these questions don’t sound too naïve, but I thank all of you for your help and feedback! I appreciate it! =]

Edit: Thank you so much for help explaining the brown sludge junk, haha. Now I'm just mostly concerned about not having my period yet, but I guess I could wait it out… =]

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  1. Surra says:

    1. Sorry, I’m not sure that I can help here. Could this just be very dark blood?
    2. My understanding is that your cycle is unrelated to when you have sex, and — although I don’t use any sort of period tracker — I would guess that marking “intimate” is to help you figure out how likely it is that you were ovulating/will get pregnant when you had sex or something. That way, if you missed a period, you could put a date to when you last had sex and maybe remember more about the encounter (whether or not protection was used, etc). I may be wrong, but that’s what I first thought.

  2. Hteall says:

    I’ve had entire periods — not many, but one or two — that were nothing but brown sludge. It’s within the realm of normal. If it continues for longer than 2-3 periods, then I’d go to a doctor about it if you’re not on Hormonal Birth Control.

    The “intimate” marker isn’t for the act of sex, necessarily — though some people do find that sex is a stressor that can delay ovulation, even when it’s “good” stress — but so that people trying to conceive can track likely conception dates. Or for people who know they’ll fret, so they can make sure that they’re not in a fertile window. Or as the sharky one above says, so if a period is missed, the likely date of conception can be estimated.

  3. 589ova says:

    the thing is, this brown sludge isn’t totally consistant like my period would be…

    Thanks for your input, btw!!

  4. GniNet says:

    I agree with the other two posters that most people don’t really track every instance of sex and/or masturbation on their fertility calenders. I know that sex can sometimes hasten a period or have some other effect on your cycle, but it’s usually not so drastic that you need to keep track, it’s just an assumed part of life. The only time I made notes about when I was having sex was when I was trying to get pregnant and wanted to be able to look back at my charts and see if I was having sex at the right times, etc. So I don’t think there’s much of a strong reason to track sexual activity unless it may lead to conception (although I am sure other people have their own reasons).

  5. 589ova says:

    The reason I wondered about it was because after i had sex the first time, my period was totally screwed up for almost a year. It was never consistant, whereas before I had sex, I could count it out to the day. Now, I don’t plan on having sex again any time soon, but I didn’t know if masturbation would have that same affect on my period like having sex did.

    Thanks for you help, too! I appreciate it.

  6. Dooyle says:

    If I recall, brown discharge isn’t a bad sign (green, yellow, chunky, or foul smelling discharge I believe is the concerning ones; someone please correct me if I’m wrong) It could just be residual effects from a previous period or even spotting to sign a new one.

    I wouldn’t say masturbation tricks your body into thinking it’s having sex. It all depends on how you define “sex”. I think that it’s understandable to expect that getting wet and having orgasms (which, depending on the person, could lead to vaginal contractions) might cause more discharge and thus, if there’s any residual blood in your vagina from a previous period, you might find that it finds it’s way out with all of the rest of the fluids/discharge after masturbation. Whereas, if you weren’t masturbating, you might not have that discharge or wetness to push out anything residual. If that makes sense? So it has less to do with “tricking” your body into thinking it’s “having sex” and more to do with there being more flows of liquids. Likewise, if you’re using toys, your own fingers, or anything else there is a chance you could scratch yourself and the blood could be from that.

  7. 589ova says:

    that totally makes sense. Thanks for your help!

  8. Dooyle says:

    You’re welcome. 🙂

  9. Bmuall says:

    i have a period/fertility tracker, and if i made a point to chart each time i had a little me time… let’s just say, there would be a lot of “love connections.”

  10. 589ova says:

    I hear ya lol

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