Hey folks, I have a simple situation about manipulating the time of my period but I want to provide all the details so I can get the best advice possible.

I met someone a few weeks ago and the next time I see them will be on Feb 23rd (through the 27th).
I have been really stressed out lately and my period this month came on January 28th, after an only 21 day cycle. I use an app that estimates the arrival of your period based on an average your 5 previous periods, and my next period is scheduled to come on, you guessed it, Feb 23rd (26 days post my previous period).

So, I either want to delay my period until after the 27th when I see this person (which would require a 31 day cycle, which is not super rare for me), or induce it to come around the 18th (so it would finish by the 23rd, and this would require a 21 day cycle).

(For reference, my last few periods have been in days: 21, 29, 28, 25, 47, 24, 34, 30, 28… so I am pretty irregular)

Ideally, I would like to just get it on the 18th so I can have it completely done by the 23rd.

My one issue is if I induce it to come early, and it wasn’t going to come until after my visit, will it end up coming on my visit? (For instance, if it was gonna come on the 28th, and I try to induce it, might it end up coming on the 25th, thereby being counter productive???)

I’m thinking of drinking a ton of parsley tea around day 18 in my cycle. Do you think that will have the effect of inducing by day 21 (even if my period would naturally come on day 30 or so)? Or will it just move the period up by a few days, so a period that would come on day 30 comes on day 26 (thereby coming during my visit instead of after and ruining everything)?

It’s obviously possible for my body to have a period after only 21 days (although 21 is the shortest cycle I’ve ever had). Also, I’ve never tried parsley tea before.

Any thoughts? Anything else besides parsley tea? Is my timing right?


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  1. Rarko says:

    IME parlsey tea will bring on a late period, and MAYBE bring on a period 1-2 days early.

  2. ScaNo says:

    so you think it would be futile to try to use parsley tea to get it to come in 21 days? obviously my body is capable of a 21 day period…
    my concern is if I drink it at, let’s say 19 days, could it possibly move a period from 30 to 28 days? (I only want to move it earlier if I ensure it won’t come between 26 and 31 days)

  3. Rarko says:

    Sorry for the novel

    While you did have a 21 day cycle, so you are ::capable:: of it, you don’t know why that happened. There are two things that can cause a short cycle: early ovulation, or lack of ovulation (anovulation).

    Parsley tea is thought to work to bring on menstruation by causing the cervix to soften and open, thereby bringing on menstruation that was already imminent. In this way, parsley tea can not cause you to have an “early period” in the way you are looking for. Parsley tea does not induce ovulation, nor does it cause anovulatory cycles. If you were already going to have another 21 day cycle, you would have it whether or not you took parsley tea. If you weren’t, it wouldn’t bring it on.

    Personally I think of parsley tea more as a tool to ease worries about pregnancy than as something to shift cycles (which I honestly don’t think is possible). I have taken parsley tea on multiple occasions to induce my periods, and it has worked, but it has also ::lengthened:: my period. When I have started bleeding from parsley, the initial bleeding is light, and then the heavy bleeding start when I probably was going to have it anyway, and continues on the usual length after that, so I just got a day or two extra at the start.

    Basically, I honestly don’t think drinking parsley tea will affect whether or not you have your period during your trip in any significant way. That said, if your cycle was going to be 30 days long, and you drank a lot of it on day 19, no, I don’t think it would make it come on a day or two earlier, because I don’t think the effects would last that long. I think that within 3-4 days after drinking the tea the effects would have completely worn off.

    If I was you, I’d just hope for a longer cycle.

  4. ScaNo says:

    Re: Sorry for the novel

    Ok, thanks! I wasn’t aware that was the mechanism by which it worked, I thought it actually caused contractions so you would expel the contents early.

    I’m guessing my 21 day cycle was a stress response (been very stressed the past month). Do you know if there tends to be a longer or shorter cycle if you have a cycle with early ovulation or anovulation?

    Thanks for the help!

  5. Rarko says:

    Re: Sorry for the novel

    I can only speak from my own experience, but for me, longer cycles and short cycles tend to go back and forth. I usually have 28 day cycles, but in my history when I have had short cycles (say 21-26 days) they are usually followed by a longer cycle (30-38 days).

  6. ScaNo says:

    Re: Sorry for the novel

    Awesome, thanks! I’ll cross my fingers for a longer cycle then. And thanks for the novel 🙂

  7. OtiGirl says:

    As far as I know, parsley only works if you’ve already ovulated. I might be wrong, but it might be worth keeping that in mind if your ovulation also tends to run late or irregularly.

  8. ScaNo says:

    as far as I can tell, my ovulation is moderately regular, somewhere 15-17 days post period (I usually start to get mucous around day 15) So do you think it would work to try to induce around day 21 (drinking tea around day 19)?

  9. Rarko says:

    One more thing: your ovulation is not based on when you have your period, it’s the other way around. Your period is based on when you ovulate. Your follicular phase (the time between day 1 of menstruation and when you ovulate) is not set. Your luteal phase (the time between ovulation and when you menstruate) IS set. You cannot vary your luteal phase. This is another reason why I think parsley tea just lengthens the period, I don’t think it causes any of the hormonal shifts necessary to alter your cycle, but instead opens the cervix to cause some endometrium to come out before your hormonal shift a couple days later that causes your “real” period.

    Having a 21 day cycle does NOT mean you ovulated on day 15 and had a 6 day luteal phase. It means you either did not ovulate and your body decided to give you a “pseudo-period” and start a new cycle (similar to a withdrawal bleed on HBC), or you ovulated early, say with a 6 day follicular phase if your luteal phase is 15 days. Personally, given that you seem to tend towards longer 28-31 day cycle I’d think anovulation is more likely than early ovulation, but without basal body temp tracking there is no way to know for sure. Anyway, the point is, your luteal phase is SET (unless you take progesterone supplements to lengthen it, this is done in cases where someone’s luteal phase is too short to get pregnant).

    And no, there is no home remedy to cause early ovulation (which would cause your period to come early).

  10. OtiGirl says:

    The other person explained it much better than I could.

    IF you have ovulated, it could work. I’m not doctor or anything, and I’ve really only used parsley to induce late periods that were making me worried. It wouldn’t hurt to try, but it can take a few days to take effect, which you should keep in mind if you try it.

    I don’t want to say that I’m 100% sure that it would work (because I’m definitely not sure), but if you’ve already ovulated it might. It can take a few days to kick in (in my experience) so keep that in mind for your scheduling purposes.

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