Hi everyone! 🙂
First of all, let me thank all of you for how wonderful this page is. I've been learning so much by reading all the wise advice and shared experiences on this community, you people are really wonderful ♥

My question is about a few weird cramps I've had in this last couple of days. They aren't bad, just very mild cramps, slightly resembling menstrual cramps, plus I can feel that my lady parts are a bit sore.
At first I thought it could be UTI, but it doesn't really hurt to pee, nor there is any blood to be seen, so I guess this isn't the case. (I had UTI only once in my life and it came with great pain and some blood, so maybe it could still be a mild form of it and I'm just not used to recognize the symptoms)
Yesterday night I noticed I've started my usual ovulation-related discharge (perfectly in time, according to my cycle), so I was wondering if those could be ovulation cramps?
In all those years (I'm 25 and a half, and started my cycle 13 years ago) ovulation has never ever given me any symptom, a part from the usual great amount of discharge, but I know that cycles tend to change through life and that many women feel cramps when ovulating, so maybe this is just a new phase? Having never had any cramp nor spotting aside the actual menstruation, I don't know what exactly to expect from my ovaries. 
I have a very regular cycle (with a lot of PMS symptoms, such as sore breasts and legs, plus painful cramps in the first couple of days), I'm not currently sexually active, I'm not on any meds and I wear cotton underwear and not tight clothing. This week has been very stressful and I didn't get to sleep much, and I feel overall quite tired, so this could have also contributed.

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2 Responses to Ovulation cramps?

  1. GniNet says:

    I will sometimes get very, very mild menstrual cramps throughout my cycle, and I think mittelschmerz is very common, affecting at least 20% of women at different points throughout their cycles. I also notice that my cycles tend to be a little different each month. Sometimes I’ll have cramps a few days before my period, sometimes not. Sometimes I’ll get sore breasts during ovulation, sometimes not.

    What you’re describing sounds very mild. If you aren’t seeing any other symptoms or in great pain, I’d just consider it a case of mittelchmerz and not stress out about it too much. If you are feeling a little more stressed and sleepy this month, that could contribute to a slightly more painful or symptomatic cycle than usual, I believe. If you start cramping a lot during random times, it might be worth seeing a medical professional for peace of mind, but I think if you went in to most gynos with only mild cramping during ovulation, they wouldn’t find it at all out of the ordinary.

  2. 31xova says:

    I have always had mild cramping with ovulation throughout my 30+ years of menstruating, usually just a mild twinge or two from the particular ovary over a fifteen to 40 minute period of time. Stress can definitely make them more intense.

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