As a bit of background, at the age of 24 I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst the size of a basketball and ultimately had to have my right ovary and fallopian tube removed.

Fast forward 8 years: I have been having some intermittent pain in my abdomen for awhile but shrugged it off as adhesions from my surgery. However, after waking up one night to the most horrenduous abdominal pain I have EVER felt, vomiting and passing out.. I decided I might want to visit my GP. She did a UA and a pelvis exam and told me that my urine contained trace amounts of blood and pus and that she felt like my ovary was enlarged. She urged me get a sonogram and since I don’t have insurance provided me the number to a low cost clinic and stressed that if I felt the pain again I was to go to the ER. I called the clinic that day and was told they were booked for that month.. and the next and I could call back in 2 months to see if I could get an appointment (to screen me for eligibility.)I decided I would need to make my own appointment at an imaging center and go from there but that very next day the pain returned and I went to the Women’s ER at the County Hospital. After 14 hours in the waiting room, I saw 3 doctors and had a sonogram… which revealed a cyst about the same size (11inx10inx9in)as the one that took my right ovary and an enlarged uterus. The ER docotr told me that because the cyst is so large, it’s difficult to tell where it originates from but most likely it’s my left (and only remaining) ovary. She spoke with the chief resident and they discussed admitting me but decided that because I was no longer in excruciating pain I could go home. Once again, armed with the number to a low cost clinc. This time so that I could schedule an appointment with a gynecological surgeon to talk about my scans and schedule surgery. When I called THIS clinic, I was told they have openings in NOVEMBER.

Ladies, this is my last ovary and I have never had a child although I dearly want one. It’s highly possible that my ovary is already history but if it’s NOT, I am terrified of waiting any longer for this surgery. If there’s any chance at all to save it, I want to do that. Obviously, with no insurance freezing eggs is an option that is available to me financially.

I suppose my questions for y’all is: Have any of you ever had a cyst this size removed WITHOUT losing your ovary also?

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  1. 54ste says:

    Oh dear, I am sorry you are suffering with this! Do you, by chance, know they type of cyst you are having?

    While I have not had cysts nearly that large, I have had two cysts on the same right ovary. Both times my surgeon thought she would not be able to save the thing, and both times the ovary made it through. One was a dermoid cyst, and one was a chocolate cyst. So don’t give up hope, they won’t know until they actually get in there are see how things are.

  2. Nejofa says:

    The one I had removed years ago was a dermoid. As far as this one, I’m not sure. The ER doctor didn’t tell me but I did hear the sonographer saying it was complex. So both fluid and solid parts to it. I’m assuming once I get in to see the surgical gynocologist, s/he will tell me more about what’s going on. Its the waiting and not knowing that is so hard. And the possible outcomes that keep running through my mind.

  3. 54ste says:

    I totally know how that goes. I think waiting for my first surgery was the most stressful time in my life. Try not to worry, stress can be really physically hard on your body.

    I am constantly scared that the dermoid has grown back, guh. Those things freak me out! But, they aren’t necessarily originated on the ovary. If your surgeon missed a bit elsewhere it could have grown back (I mean, from what I’ve read something like that is possible, but since no one really knows anything all that concrete about dermoids who really honestly knows? My point being it might not involve your ovary at all)

    I wish you luck, and the outcome you want.

  4. Nejofa says:

    I think he took care of that since he removed that ovary and the fallopian tube. This one seems so much more painful and I can actually feel the swelling and hardness in my abdomen. I’m not sure if that’s the cyst itself or some other organ that its pressing on.

    I just wish I could get in to the darn surgeon so I could get some answers!

  5. mella says:

    basketball? Are you just being creative in your writing? Basketballs are huge…they would probably have done the surgery for free just to take pics of it and put it in a textbook. Also, on a side note: anything is possible.

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