During sex this morning, I suddenly felt a sharp pain creeping into my abdominal area, and five seconds later I was curled up in the fetal position unable to move.   It hurt really, really bad — unlike anything I've ever felt.   Three hours later, I finally am getting out of bed, and though it still hurts, it's now been reduced to normal menstrual cramp type pain.  

My first thought was that I had an ovarian cyst that I didn't know about it, and that it just ruptured.   It was DEFINITELY in the area of my uterus, and so I don't think it's kidney-related.   I google-searched a lot this morning to try to pinpoint what this could be an whether or not I should call my doctor, but I couldn't find anything conclusive.  I'm not having fever, nausea, dizziness, or anything like that.  

I don't think it was just your average pain-during-sex occurrence because of the severity.   I just have also never had a cyst or anything else that would cause this, so I don't really have a reference point.  So, I suppose my questions are these:

  • Does that sound like a cyst rupture?
  • Does it sound like something else?
  • Should I call my doctor even though my pain is dwindling and I have no other symptoms?
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6 Responses to Ovarian cyst rupture? Something else? Should I call my doctor?

  1. Hteall says:

    It does sound like a cyst rupture, potentially, or possibly a really bad angle for a thrust so that it hit an ovary — which can also be crampy and painful — or a bad angle hitting the cervix, which can also hurt a lot.

    I’d say it might be worth calling the doctor to ask them to put the situation into your medical records, but not necessarily worth going in (unless you have really excellent insurance). You might want to talk to the doctor (or doctor’s assistant) on the phone, just in case there’s something else it could be that’s more serious, that the doctor knows about and I don’t.

    But if the pain is fading, and if it doesn’t become a regular thing during sex, being watchful-but-not-panicked is likely the least disruptive strategy.

    I hope you feel all-the-way better soon!

  2. Etafornia says:

    i’ve had it go both ways. one of the most spectacular bursts (for my personal files) happened july 4, 2008. we were driving as fast as possible from houston, tx to scottsdale, az to see TheEngineer’s grandmother before she passed away. we’d been driving for the best part of 6 hours at this point and stopped for gas and potty breaks.

    low slung mercedes. i swung out of the car, unfolded, stood, and slammed onto my knees. the combination of sitting that long then standing suddenly apparently popped one. i have chronic cysts, so i KNEW what had happened, and hoped for the best as far as being able to deal with pain. we did not have TIME for a side trip to an ER in a strange city. i got through it over the next few hours (really bad pain) and few days (lingering OW that made moving pretty interesting.

    the more important thing for me was that we got there in time for TheEngineer to say goodbye to his grandmother and her know he was there. an hour later and she wasnt responding to anyone, and she passed maybe 6 hours after that.

  3. Gni007 says:

    Sounds exactly like a cyst rupture – textbook. You could go to a doctor if it would help your peace of mind, but with no other symptoms they’re not likely to do much anyway.

    That pain is really awful.

  4. Ecaova says:

    This sounds like how I felt when I had a cyst rupture. If it’s in the cards for you, I’d suggest you go to the doc–they can schedule a scan to see if you have any others.

  5. 48yRa says:

    I had a very similar thing happen last summer, and I went to the ER, but they offered no explanation other than a bad UTI to explain the pain. I think it was a cyst after reading others experiences. Not worth going to the emergency room for (they did nothing for me but give me antibiotics for the supposed UTI and Loratabs for the pain), but if you have a doctor, talk to them about it.

  6. Eci77 says:

    Thank you all so much for your replies. I’m feeling about normal now. I think if it happens again, I’ll call the doctor. I just went through some medical tests in the past month that sort of make me want to stay out of the doctor’s office for a short while if possible.

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