So it appears I may have screwed up

So…here we go. I’m on OTC to deal with ovarian cysts. Nasty buggers.

So, Saturday I went out to a bar with friends. I don’t drink, but when I attempted to take my pill, I dropped it on the floor, and, uh, not taking a pill off a NYC barroom floor, sorry.

So I asked a friend for advice (said friend will be an OB-GYN as of this summer), and she, assuming I was on a non-triphasic pill, told me to take one from the last week before the placebos and then go back to my regular schedule. So, without realizing the communication error, this is what I did.

Now I am again spotting and cramping after I had a fairly decent couple of weeks (actually, I probably had my best week in some months). And I am wondering what I should do. I have an appointment with my gyn on friday and would hate to bug her before then…but…

Should I continue taking my pills as normal, should I junk the pack, or what? I’m on week two, supposed to start week three on Thursday.


Life lesson learned: don’t drop pills on barroom floors

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  1. Hteall says:

    Sounds like you went up in hormones (week 3 pill) then down again (week 2), and your uterus said, “Hormone drop? Bleed tiems nao??” Not unexpected.

    What you do depends on whether you’re relying on your HBC for birth control or not. If not, then you could stop for 4-7 days and let your body have a bleed, then start a new pack, keeping the old one in case of Lost Pills in the future. (Throw away the placebos, keep only the active pills.) Remember that pregnancy protection will be compromised until you’ve had 7 days of the new pack.

    If you are relying on HBC for contraception as well as cyst-control, then continue taking your pack till it’s been at least 7 days since the last time you had otherwise unprotected sex of the semen-in-vagina kind. (This is probably an “overkill” recommendation for how long to definitely have all the wigglies dead!) Then you can have a bleed early if you want, but as you pretty much can’t follow the 21/7 rule right now, consider your contraception compromised to some extent from the first day of no-hormones, till you are 7 days into the next pack. You can keep any extra active pills for Lost Pill Days.

    (The 21/7 rule is as follows. For continuous protection, even during the no-hormone days, you need 21 or more days of active pills, and no more than 7 days without them. In theory, you can probably miss a pill, but extending your no-hormone days past 7 is considered one of the riskier things you can do with HBC, because the no-hormone days are allowing your ovaries to wake up, even if your uterus is still bleeding.)

    I need to run to bed — I hope that’s useful to you! Good luck!

  2. Neiere says:

    It is. I’ll probably call the doc tomorrow anyway, but thanks for the advice.

  3. Ttefornia says:

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  4. Ttefornia says:

    Re: Descriptive subject line

    … aaaaaaaaaaaaand with my housekeeping hat off again: I think Beth’s given you some pretty sound advice here and I don’t really have anything to add on that side of things, but I did want to commiserate about dropping pills. Being able to NEVER DROP PILLS is quite possibly on my shortlist of “superpowers I’d have if I could”!

  5. Neiere says:

    Re: Descriptive subject line

    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to edit it before now!

  6. Ttefornia says:

    Re: Descriptive subject line

    No worries – you’re awesome! 😀 Thanks for getting on it so promptly!

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