This is my first round on the Nuvaring. Week 1 and 2 went fine without any major issues (I had some spotting few days and headaches but it was very manageable).

Since the start of my last week before I take it out, during a work out, the ring slide down and peeked out of me, but not falling out. Ever since then, it keeps doing it and I have to adjust it 1-3 times a day. It’s uncomfortable when it does that, it almost feels like a tampon out of place when I sit down and also with a mysterious stretching sensation.

Is this normal? Or maybe I’m putting it in wrong (but weird I had no issues with it moving around the first 2 weeks)? I have 2 days to go before I need to remove it.

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  1. SseNope says:

    I had trouble keeping the NuvaRing in place at first, too. Then I started hooking one end around my cervix, which helped a lot. Your cervix usually doesn’t hang straight down, it angles a bit, so if you push the Ring past the cervix, the anatomy helps the Ring stay in place.

  2. 062ulova says:

    I have that problem quite a bit. :/ It’s very obnoxious.

  3. Begana says:

    Yes, it’s normal. What I’ve found is hooking it around my cervix as well has helped, although it still does sit kind of low at random times. I assume it’s just because of my cervix moving (which is normal) that pushes it down.

  4. MekRa says:

    Normal! Same thing happened to me, but after a little while it stopped. As long as it’s in there – even poking out a little – it’s still working.

    Try putting in it in different ways. I twist mine into a figure 8 and that usually helps it get into the right place.

  5. Oakley says:

    I have this issue all the time, and it becomes incredibly uncomfortable. So my question is, how do you go about hooking it around the cervix??
    Also, I’ll try to be as detailed without being gross as I can. I had severe pain during intercourse with my boyfriend after I’d orgasmed, and he was climaxing. We weren’t trying any new position, and he wasn’t thrusting harder or deeper than usual but I was in a lot of pain. He stopped when I told him, but my question is: was it possible he was pushing the ring deeper than it’s supposed to go without feeling it or just rubbing it against me? Could it have been the condom? We always use them, but could it have been they type of condom we were using at the time?

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