I posted here a few weeks ago about thinking I had a UTI and taking antibiotics for it, and then being told there was no sign if infection in my urine sample.

Currently, I’m still having little twinges of pain in my urethra and still urinating more than usual. The pain doesn’t happen more than maybe five times a day, but the urinating is all the time. It doesn’t hurt when I pee, though. It doesn’t hurt after I masturbate or have sex.

My question is, should I see a gynecologist for this, or a urologist? My GP told me urologist, but I’m nervous to have to get naked in front of more (new) doctors than I have to (I have extensive SI scarification). I would be more comfortable with my gyno, but if she can’t help, seeing her is obviously pointless.

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  1. EohNet says:

    Unfortunately, my thought is that if your GP can’t handle it, your gynecologist probably isn’t qualified either. If you need a specialist, the appropriate specialist is a urologist.

  2. 012woa says:

    I went to my first urologist ever about 2 months ago because I had an unidentified mass in my bladder (seen via an ultrasound) and needed a cystoscopy by a urologist to identify it. To be honest, it was a VERY simple, quick, painless appointment. It was a chat about my symptoms and what the ultrasound had seen, and then the cystoscopy itself took about 5 minutes altogether and was so easy. It’s was almost LESS uncomfortable than a gynecologist. When I get my regular gyno appointments done, I feel like they’re really looking around down there, poking/prodding/etc. Of course, I don’t know what exactly a uro would be doing for you, whether a cystoscopy or something else, but for me, although I was undressed on the bottom, and he did have to put the cystoscope in via my urethra, I didn’t feel like he was spending much time down there. Once the cystoscope was in, he was more focused on the video monitor showing the inside vs the outside.

    In any case…I’d say, make the appointment, always better safe than sorry if you’re still having symptoms that aren’t going away. Good luck!

  3. Sermia says:

    Thank you!

  4. TarSmall says:

    Get checked for Interstitial Cystitis, it feels like a UTI but doesn’t go away. I would go to a urologist just to eliminate having to go to the GYNO and then the urologist.

  5. Sermia says:

    Yeah, someone mentioned that in the last post. From what I researched though, it seems to be a permanent condition? Which worries me. I guess I just have to go get this checked out.

  6. TarSmall says:

    It is permanent with no cure but there are things you can do to go into remission.

  7. Caball says:

    I have the same problem. went to the urologist and he told me it was neurological and that it would go away. it didn’t 🙁

    I seriously don’t know what to do because he is no help and won’t give me anything.

  8. Sermia says:

    Ugh that’s awful. 🙁 if I figure out what this is, I’ll let you know. Maybe it will help.

  9. Caball says:

    yeah, i hope we found a cure for this. I haven’t had sex in two years because of this… and I honestly can’t stand it anymore.

    I read sth about mixing water with apple vinegar so i’m going to try to do that.

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