I’ve had a migraine all weekend, which I suspect is caused by my week of averaging 6 hrs of sleep a night and waking up a full hour earlier than usual for a few of those mornings. (Ideally, I would sleep in until 10, but have to get up no later than 7 for work.)

I don’t get migraines often, and haven’t had one in about six months. Historically, they’ve been tied to medication and plain not taking care of myself, specifically due to stress or lack of sleep.

Because I’ve had PMS-like symptoms off and on for two months, and because I’ve been spotting every two weeks or so, I suspect I have an ovarian cyst. (My Mirena makes me more prone to them, statistically, and I know I’ve had one in the past.) If my migraines have not historically been period-related, is it unlikely that the cyst is contributing to the migraine? I am, however, cramping lightly and have dark pink discharge.

Also, when I push gently on the midline of my abdomen, it feels sore and achy like an overused muscle. Is this because I’ve had nausea all weekend, because a cyst is causing problems, or should I stop poking myself and worrying?

On Friday, shortly before the migraine began, my boyfriend and I had sex and afterwards, I described my (rather weak) orgasm as “almost painful”. I had called it that because I had been feeling oddly overstimulated for most of the PIV, and because my cervix was lower than usual and kept getting knocked. I suspect I wasn’t as fully aroused as I could have been. My boyfriend got all worried that he had injured me in some way, causing the awful weekend. Is there validity to his concern, if there wasn’t a head or neck injury? Sex usually involves some hair pulling and I generally have a bit of a sore back for a few hours afterwards, akin to sitting in a chair with bad posture. But this is our usual, and I’ve never had a headache like this before.

Unrelated question: I got a thong to go with an online bra purchase, and now I’m scared to wear it because I hear thongs can contribute to UTIs. I’m rather prone to UTIs but now take daily cranberry supplements. Paranoid? Overblown? Totally reasonable concern?

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  1. EroNo says:

    I can’t help identify the cause of your migraine, but I am very prone to migraines and wanted to offer my sympathies. The lack of sleep could definitely be a reason, especially if your sleep cycle has altered your eating cycle (especially x2 if an altered eating cycle has resulted in you staying less hydrated).

    Howeverrr… I did want to comment that the thong-triggering-UTI concern is totally reasonable. My body is UTI happy and I’ve been advised to avoid thongs because of this.

    Feel better soon!

  2. EroWo says:

    I used to wear thongs (for a day at a time, about twice a month) and never had a UTI. I wasn’t prone to UTIs back then, mind you.

  3. Kdgle says:

    I bet it’s the too little sleep that caused the migraine. I’ve had episodes, too, where sex has triggered migraines. Some folks get “ice-pick” or cluster headaches right after sex, and I’ve had those but also migraines. It’s something to do with the vasodialation that can occur during sex….sorry my memory isn’t working better today. So if you were already in ‘potential migraine’ territory because of sleep, it’s possible that the sex tipped it into ‘absolutely migraine’ territory.

    I’ve only had a couple of UTIs, but I avoid thongs because they (okay this is embarrassing) seem to increase the incidence of ingrown hairs in my butt crack. I think that if you’re only wearing it for a few hours at a time and -not- wearing it with very tight pants or foundation garments, it might be okay.

  4. 7selight says:

    I don’t get migraines often, either, but basically any of the things you mentioned have been triggers for me. Lack of sleep, feeling under-the-weather (I used to get strep throat a couple times a year, and it would trigger a migraine every time), pressure on my head (not necessarily hair-pulling, but having my hair in a ponytail or wearing a too-tight headband or hat), etc.

    I am also quite prone to UTIs! I wear thongs every day (just not at night!) and I don’t think they really increase the frequency with which I get UTIs. A few years ago, I was getting them every few months, but as I learned various ways to prevent them (wet wipes after sex, peeing lots, drinking lots of water) I’ve gotten them down to less than once per year (and when I get them, it’s usually after I’ve been lax with my prevention routine). I don’t think it would hurt to try a thong, but if you’re not comfortable with it, it also won’t hurt to not wear one.

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