Hi all, I’m mostly a lurker ’round these parts, but I have a question for all of you knowledgeable people.

I’ve never taken any form of HBC before now. I was recently prescribed generic Micronor and told that I could start it either on the first day of my period, and I’d be protected from pregnancy immediately, or anytime during my cycle, and I’d be protected after 7 days.

I ended up starting a few days after my period ended, so I’d need to wait the whole 7 days before having sex without a backup. However — like an idiot, I dropped the very first pill of the pack down the sink while I was filling up my water glass to take it. Seriously.

The next day I took Day 2’s pill, and since then I’ve been taking each next pill at the exact same time every day, so essentially I’m taking them correctly, I’m just one pill “ahead” of where I should be.

So question #1 — is this okay? Since Micronor is monophasic and no placebo week, theoretically each pill is exactly the same, so starting with Day 2’s pill would be no different than starting with Day 1’s pill, right?

Question #2 — I just took Day 8’s pill last night, which was my 7th pill. So (if I’m not one of the 0.5% of women this pill doesn’t work for), am I protected from pregnancy at this point? Should I wait longer (I have no problem with that, my fiance and I have waited 4 years now, another couple of weeks or a month isn’t going to kill us haha), or can I assume that, since it’s been 7 days, I am protected, like the pill packet and my doctor say?

I just have a hard time believing it’s actually working, haha. I’m a Nervous Nellie, what can I say.

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4 Responses to Micronor questions

  1. Anyne says:

    I would wait 7 days from when you took your first pill, whether it be day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, etc… Because, yes, they are all the same :). I can understand being afraid. If you’re really nervous, you can use multiple forms of birth control. Condoms are a good choice. There is also spermicidal foam. There was this stuff my ex and I used after a year together that was good. It was a spermicidal film that was, apparently, better than foam. He said the foam gave him a burning feeling, but he never had a problem with the film. It’s just a thin film of spermicide (that strangely smells like pickles!) that you stick up your vagina (have him do it because you have to put it as high as you can) and leave it in for 10 minutes and away ya go :).

  2. EohNet says:

    Did you doctor tell you it takes seven days to become effective? Micronor is a progestin-only pill. It is effective after 48 hours. http://whqlibdoc.who.int/hq/2002/a76149_recommendations.pdf

  3. Ytune says:

    No, it shouldn’t change it if it is monophasic. It happens. I’ve done it. If you want to wait to be safe, you can, but if you can use a condom, maybe try that first. You are probably okay, but you can even call your MD and tell them what happened and verify that it is 7 days after starting it when you can start having sex.

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