Hey superstars. I’ve got an issue that’s on my mind because, well… it’s happening as I type, and I’m kind of curious to know if this is normal or not. (just as a heads up: I’m FtM trans, male pronouns if you please!)

So I’m a day late for my period. I’ve gotten all the symptoms I usually get- body achiness, moodiness, sore boobs, and there is never enough food when I’m right on top of my period. Specifically, never enough carbs, heh.

I’m pretty sure that’s all normal. But I’ve always had one symptom and I’ve never seen or heard another vagina owner complain of this: severe leg pain. I know for a fact that I need to wear a pad to bed tonight, and I also know that my period is going to be painful as all getout this month, because my legs hurt badly enough that I can barely bear weight on them. This always happens 24-48 hours before I start bleeding.

Acetomenophin doesn’t help, but NSAIDs do, if that matters at all.

So, in short, two questions from that. The first is a simple, is this normal? Anyone else go through this?

Second, is this something to worry about? I would imagine not, since this has been happening for years, but I’ve lived with symptoms I thought were just “one of those things” when they were signs of something more serious, so I’m more uncomfortable hanging my hat on it nowadays.


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  1. Ytu77 says:

    where is the leg pain? because my period pain is in my hips, thighs and lower back and i hardly ever get abdominal cramps. period pain happens different for different people which is the tricky thing. the only thing that helps me is heat so i use heat pads/wheat bags and i just bought a new gel one to try.

  2. Etnous says:

    Oh, it’s pretty much the whole thing. If I had to pinpoint it, it almost feels like the pain is radiating from the joints; that might explain why the whole leg hurts, if that’s the case, since it’s affecting my ankles and knees, too.

    I might give heat a try. I don’t have a heat pad (well, I do, but it’s older than I am by at least a decade and I’m almost 30 so I’m not sure I trust it, haha) but I might try a hot bath and see if that helps. Thanks.

  3. Ytu77 says:

    has it happened before? definitely try a hot bath and hopefully it helps

  4. Etnous says:

    Yeah, this has been happening since I was a teenager. Only since I was lucky to have a period every six months or so when I was a teenager, I’ve only recently noticed the pattern when I started keeping track of my periods.

    Thank you!

  5. Dri007 says:

    I suggest those bags you pop in the microwave that are filled with beans or grain or whatever. I have like 4 so I can cover myself in them during my period XD

  6. Etnous says:

    I’ll check those things out. Just out of curiosity, do you have a particular brand recommendation or anything?


  7. Dri007 says:

    I just buy the generic brand two packs from Shoppers or Walmart. You can also make them if you are handy with sewing. I used to make animal shaped ones when I had extra beans around 🙂

  8. Citme says:

    In a pinch, you can also fill a sock with rice and knot the end. I like long socks with a combination of rice and another grain (usually millet, or whatever’s on sale) with a pinch of yummy smelling bath salts.

  9. AniSmall says:

    it almost feels like the pain is radiating from the joints

    I have definitely felt this way! Mine is usually confined to my hip joints (and occasionally my ankles) but I have definitely experienced this type of thing prior to getting my period. What you’re experiencing sounds more severe, though.

    I totally second lilsongbird mentioned below, but in a pinch they do work.

    As far as whether or not to be worried, I would say probably not, but it might be something to bring up with a health care provider if/when you have the opportunity and feel comfortable doing so. They could let you know for sure, and could also potentially help you look into other pain relief options.

    Hope that helps and that you feel better soon. 🙂

  10. Uuyme says:

    I don’t have a heat pad (well, I do, but it’s older than I am by at least a decade and I’m almost 30 so I’m not sure I trust it, haha)

    Total tangent: I bought a sleek, modern heating pad at Rite Aid a few years back. I was always gentle with it, followed the instructions, only ever used it to relieve menstrual pain, etc. The thing up and died after slightly over two years. Plugged it in one day and it had simply stopped working.

    By comparison, my parents have this ragged, warped old heating pad that looks like it hails from the 1980s at the latest. It’s been used for decades. It’s the heating pad I relied on when I lived at home and had painful cramps as a teen. And, to this day, it still works (and I use it when I visit home!). Admittedly, it has started making some questionable noises and has lumpy air pockets in places it shouldn’t, but by golly, it still heats up.

    I guess what I’m saying is don’t give up on your old heating pad yet! It may have some spark left in it. Sometimes older goods really are more durable.

  11. EohNet says:

    I get achey knees, but not severe pain. I don’t think what you’re describing is normal, but it may be your normal, since it has been happening for years.

  12. Dri007 says:

    I get this with a lot of my periods too. In my case it’s caused by endometriosis. Have you asked your doctor about this? Endo is one of the more common sources of period pain and cramping. Cramping down the legs is very common with endo. I had to try a lot of different meds to get a combo which finally worked (menafemic acid and tramdol) manage the pain, because I was literally unable to move for 2-4 days a month before the pain was so severe and wide spread in my body.

    The sorta good news is- estrogen feeds endo. If you are using testosterone it will probably start to counteract a lot of that. The bad news, if it’s the other main culprit for period problems PCOS- the testosterone can worsen it. I’m not sure if you are using it or not. Just going by my limited knowledge from several FtM friends.

    Short answer, it’s probably nothing serious, but you should mention it to your doc so they can help hopefully 🙂

  13. Ttefornia says:

    +1 – I came in to say that cramping down the legs is very common with endo. I only get pain in my thighs (so far).

  14. Etnous says:

    Thanks for your reply. It’s funny, this is the second time I’ve posted and endo has been suggested. I have to wonder now, and I’ll definitely be mentioning it to my doctor.

    Unfortunately, I’m not using testosterone. I DO have PCOS, I know that; I’ve been on metformin since November for it, and my periods have gotten a lot more tolerable since then. I’m supposed to see my doctor for a follow up soon. In the meantime I’ll look up endo stuff. I hope I can deal with my general practitioner for that. I don’t like the gyn.

    Thanks so much for your reply!

  15. Dri007 says:

    It’s definitely worth asking about! It’s not unheard of to have both endo and pcos. I have both anyways. :p my doctor in my case has advised a hysterectomy once I have kids (I’m a CIS female hell bent carrying at least one baby), but until that happens.. I’m stuck.

    The most common treatment for both is birth control pills. They never worked for me, but it’s worth getting the info on 🙂

  16. Oweana says:

    i always get serious leg pain a couple of days before and the first 1-2 days of my period, ever since i first started getting periods. usually kind of radiating from my inner thighs throughout. i usually end up taking 800mg ibuprofen each day of the pain and hope for the best.

  17. Kdgle says:

    I get leg pain, too, although mine radiates all the way down my outer thighs and into my calves. I take Aunt Flo’s Cramp Relaxer (no, srsly, that’s what it’s called, I get it from natural foods stores in the US or online) and it helps a great deal although it doesn’t eliminate the pain. Making sure my magnesium levels are good (I take 400mg p/d of magnesium citrate) and that I am moving as much as I can -when- I can helps a great deal, too.

    I have many of the symptoms of endo but they started for me ten years ago, and I was told that I “couldn’t possibly” have endo because my mum didn’t have it and because it wasn’t turning up on ultrasounds. Now I know that I was being fed a line of BS by my healthcare folks and I should have pushed harder for treatment. On the other hand, I now have a Mirena (IUD w a very low hormone load) that is doing wonders for my cramps. I -do- still get the leg pain, though.

  18. 12Nobody says:

    I get leg pain if my cramps are particularly bad during my periods, on the 1-10 pain scale they can reach about a 6-7 so preeeetty bad. I get pain in my muscles (particularly inner thighs and calves) and joints and even in the soles of my feet. It’s happened for the majority of my period-having life. I’ve never heard of it being associated with endo before, that’s concerning!

  19. Uuyme says:

    I get menstrual leg pain on occasion, but it’s not quite like what you’ve described. In my case it happens while I’m having abdominal cramps during my period, and the pain radiates into my upper thighs, usually the front of them. I’ve never really had it ache below my knees.

    In the “what might be causing this?” department, I’ve had hemorrhagic ovarian cysts before, and I am currently undergoing diagnostics to rule in/out endometriosis. A few other VPers already mentioned endo as a possibility, so it’s something to keep in mind if you continue to have severe, incapacitating leg pain prior to your period. Whatever the cause, it’s worth running by your doctor next time you see them.

    Interesting that acetomenophin doesn’t help you but NSAIDs do – I’m the same way. Acetomenophin never did much for my pain, but 2-3 Advil do a pretty good job taking the edge off the aches.

  20. SraGirl says:

    Well I do have severe leg pain as one of my PMS symptoms too. It’s not that bad in the sense that I can walk perfectly and everything, but it can get pretty annoying especially if I have to sit – I could compare it to those muscular aches you get when you catch a flu, it this makes sense? but they’re definitely pre-menstrual aches, indeed. I usually just lay down on the bed, stretch my legs a bit and wait for another cycle to start XD

  21. i have had thigh pain for a couple of years now and it is joke, but this month pain last 5 days before my period started< heating pad does bring some comfort

  22. Jana says:

    Try a arnica cream/gel on the sore parts if it feels like its the joints or inflammation. you can ask for arnica gel/cream at your pharmacy, sometimes its behind the counter but you dont need a prescription for it. I put it on before bed, feels better in the morning.

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