I’ve had a small cyst on my one inner labia for a bit now. It’s around pea size in diameter. Now on the opposite labia I have a small (like pin head sized) blackish lump. WTF is going on with my bits? I was tested for STDs after my last questionable one night stand and tested free of any STDs, so I’m sure this isn’t an STD (though maybe I’m wrong?). The blackish lump looks almost like a vein. Is a really tiny vaginal hernia possible? Are they related (they are exactly parallel pretty much)? Or is my body just got two things going on at once? These have both shown up since my last physical a few months ago I think it was. I have no way to get to a doctor until mid March so can anyone give me an idea of what this might be? Halp!

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4 Responses to Lumps on labia?

  1. LmiNa says:

    Are either of them at all painful? Is it possible that either could be an ingrown hair? I had a TERRIBLE ingrown that I didn’t realize that’s what it was, and it was fairly large before I figured it out.

  2. Dri007 says:

    The black one is a little painful if I bump it the wrong way. The larger one isn’t painful at all. I don’t think it’s a hair since it’s on the inner lips, near the vaginal entrance. I don’t THINK I have hair there… but lol who knows. I’m getting older and the body does some odd things.

  3. LmiNa says:

    I’m thinking the black one may be an ingrown. If you have darker hair.

  4. EilFru says:

    I get little cysts on my inner labia every few months. They usually hurt at first and then stop after a few days. Most of them are flesh-colored and just look like a tiny balloon under the skin, but if they get knicked or pinched, sometimes they bleed under the skin and look black. Not saying that’s it, but it’s possible.

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