I found a little painful lump in a certain place and i think it appeared there sometime in the past couple of months but i'm not sure when now. I just can't remember at all. All i know is that several weeks ago or so i felt a sudden and very intense pain at some point (when i pressed there while wiping or touching it because it was feeling irritated or weird) and i searched for the source of that pain but couldn't find anything in the area. It felt so sudden and intense – like a cut or wound of some kind. I finally found something only a couple of days ago: this little roundish lump in the flesh of the labia minora. The front-most part of the labia minora on the left side looks larger, swollen, and longer and this lump is embedded inside of it. It hurts when pressed on and i can feel it there sometimes as a slightly uncomfortable and irritating presence. It's like a little ball-like lump embedded inside the flesh. Does anyone know what this could be? My doctor suddenly quit and retired, leaving his patients doctorless, and there's a shortage of doctors where i live so it may be difficult to get a full physical done (i had been scheduled for one in February, before he quit). However, there is free walk-in clinic i may be able to go to.

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  1. NexWoman says:

    It sounds like a cyst that hasn’t come toa head to me. I’ve had those a few times, often developing around the time of my period. Felt like a hard little marble under my skin, painful to touch. I would put a hot compress against it for 15 minutes twice a day to help “break it up” and over a few days to a week, it would dissolve and disappear.

  2. Kdgle says:

    Seconding the cyst suggestion. When I get them they feel really sore for a couple of days and sometimes I feel them when I’m just walking around — as though I’ve got a little plastic bead in my lady bits. The hot compress works great for me…I actually have a reusable ice/hot pack that I heat up in the microwave, then lay a damp washcloth on, and sit on the whole business. It’s a bit awkward, but it works great.

    I didn’t start getting these until I was 24 or 25 and I TOTALLY freaked out about them, but now I get one or two a year (or more if I am wearing tight pants and doing spin class a lot!) They do tend to go away on their own for me, and they go away faster if I use the compresses. If it gets much bigger or if you develop lower abdominal pain or a fever, that’s a sign that something bigger is up and you might want to visit a doc.

    (An alternative to the compress is sitting in a few inches of warm water in your bathtub twice a day, but some folks find this inconvenient and/or drying to their skin.)

  3. NetWo says:

    Chiming in with the chorus, look up bartholins gland cyst… See if that seems right, i get them and they are irritating but not dangerous

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