Hi, first time poster here.

I’m… a little freaked out. I’ve had my period for at least 14 days, maybe one or two days shorter/longer (I’m shit at keeping track). No pain, no cramps, no super crazy bleeding, but… this can’t be normal? Ideally, I guess I should see a doctor, but I have no money, and no insurance. I am in my late 30’s, so I’m keeping that in mind as well.

I keep scaring myself by looking at symptoms, and finally just decided to ask you guys for advice, as you seem like an informative bunch.

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  1. Ettte says:

    I think it might not be a bad idea to go to the doctor and get it checked out. Two weeks seems pretty unusual, in my experience at least. 🙂

  2. Hteall says:

    I’ve had a long period before — sometimes it happens. I’m assuming you’re not on HBC? (If you are, then going till the next placebo week should un-confuse your uterus.)

    If you need a doctor, though, you might try for a local Planned Parenthood — if they have good local funding, they may be able to offer sliding scale or free services. You might also want to check Medicaid for your state, or search on free health clinic [yourlocation]. If you get no hits there, free std clinic [yourlocation] may get a place that can perform other services as well, and they’ll probably know if there are any inexpensive general health clinics in your area even if they can’t help with general stuff themselves.

    Good luck!

  3. WolNet says:

    I really recommend going to see a doctor about this. Does your state have Free Care at emergency rooms? I’m just saying, ’cause it could be something a doctor should hear about.

    *hugs–I know these things are scary*

  4. Driova says:

    same thing happened to me recently!

    Let me guess, did the period before that was an unusually weak one?

    If yes, we had the same thing.

    I went to the OB GYNE and she suspected I have PCOS and recommended ultrasound to confirm.

    I just had the ultrasound and it seems everything is normal in the findings.

    I still have to see my OB on Wed.

    Good luck to the both of us!

  5. PreNY says:

    Yeah, that is it exactly. Unfortunately, I can’t get to a doctor, so this is worrying. AZ just lost PP funding over the weekend, so I’m not even sure I could go to them anymore. I’m sure it’s worth a try, tho.

  6. Driova says:

    hmmm…if you are losing too much blood and you feel anemic already, I would really recommend going to the doctor.

    When I did, she prescribed me Hemostan for three days to stop the bleeding.

    I could say you could drink the same meds but of course, I am not a doctor.


  7. jenie says:

    When i had immense bleeding,i went to the doc and she was like its normal.I was irritated about the bleeding because i kept staining,so i just got myself a pair of adira period panties and solved my issue.

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