So… a trip to Planned Parenthood for a routine STI testing resulted in me finding out that there was a baby in me. However, when I wrote down “the first day of your last period”, it was more of a random guess, because why did it matter? It wasn’t til I was gone that I found out that they determine how far along you are based on that date. The confusion here is that I don’t remember my last period. On the 10th of this month I bled, but only for half a day? I can’t remember if my last real one was mid-March or even February. Is an ultra sound the only way I’m going to find out how far along I am?

Ps. My preggo discharge is obnoxious. Real heavy, and I’ve discovered that I can’t wear a skirt the smell is so strong… it supposed to be THAT bad? Or should I get it checked out…


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  1. Loaora says:

    You may want to check it out to be on the safe side, but being hypersensitive to smells is a side affect to pregnancy. I always thought I smelled strong due to the discharge, but between everyone (docs included) no one said anything.

  2. Loaora says:

    Forgot to add:

    Yes, a dating ultrasound is the only way you will be able to find out how far a long you are, if you can’t remember the first day of your last cycle.

  3. YawZero says:

    Did you ever ask?

  4. Loaora says:

    No, I didn’t. The smell was similar to my normal smell, only stronger. Like I said, if it concerns you go ahead and ask your doc about it. It doesn’t hurt to ask at all, that’s what they are there for.

  5. GniNet says:

    Kind of an awkward question, but do you have any idea when you might have conceived? Like, were you having sex habitually, or was there one time it could have been? That might help you narrow it down, but I know that’s not always easy to remember.

    An ultrasound does sound like your best bet. A lot of women have irregular cycles and need to get an ultrasound, just to really pinpoint the size and see how many weeks along you are.

    Bleeding for one day on April 10th could very well have been implantation bleeding, which usually happens in the very early stages, i.e., 3-4 weeks. So you could be about six weeks based on that. However, I still think you’ll need to get a scan done to know more. Don’t worry about it too much, though. Due dates aren’t super-certain in any case since most babies are early or late, and you won’t need to know for a while anyway. It sounds like you PROBABLY couldn’t be much further along than 9 weeks (my last LMP was mid-February and I’m 9w2d).

  6. YawZero says:

    Nope, no idea. Been having consistent bangs with the same guy since Christmas so there’s no help there.. how soon is one able to get an ultra sound? I read somewhere that you typically don’t get one til you’re decently far along.

    So basically I’m looking at anywhere between 4 and 9 weeks? Yeesh

    Ps thank you!! That did help a lot

  7. GniNet says:

    I had one at seven weeks, but that was because I was having spotting and cramping and they were basically making sure the baby was still OK (good news: it was!). I think first appointments are usually scheduled at about eight to 12 weeks, but if you tell them you aren’t sure, they will probably be able to fit you in pretty quickly. As for whether you get ultrasounds early on or not, it varies so widely by insurance, doctor, etc. My sister told me she only had two her whole pregnancy, but since they basically need to figure out when you’re due in order to give you the right level of care, I think you should AT LEAST get an early dating scan on your first appointment. It may need to be transvaginal instead of abdominal, but you could be far enough along to be able to get good measurements with an abdominal.

    Anyway, good luck! And congratulations, also, assuming this is good news for you. Sounds like you will probably have a November/December baby, which I personally think is a nice time for babies.

  8. XdxWoman says:

    Getting an early (like before 12 weeks) ultrasound is the best tool for this sort of situation, it gets harder to determine the date after that. I had one at 5 weeks due to being in the ER and it was nearly spot on with my due date (from spontaneous, natural labor), just a few days early. However, there is a +/- 2 week window for all due dates. I would join nautralbirth community they are awesome. I also suggest watching The Business of Being Born, it is streaming on Netflix. It’s an amazing documentary.

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