Alright so this is a little weird.

Lately I have had ZERO sex drive. Whenever I do have sex, it takes a while for me to get turned on during foreplay and when I do have an orgasm, it’s REALLY weak and non-satisfying.

It’s starting to upset me.

On top of that, I’ve been having weird period/pms things going on. I’m irregular, and seems like my pms lasts for 2 weeks before my period eventually starts. (Along with very sore breasts, and strange dull headache.)

Anyone else have this happen?

🙁 I’m starting to get worried that something is really wrong, and being the anxious person that I am, I’m assuming the worst.

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6 Responses to Lack of Sex Drive, unusual PMS symptoms.

  1. SseNope says:

    Are there any life, medication or medical issues that might be contributing? Stress from family drama, academic or money issues, for example. SSRIs and probably other meds can contribute to libido, even if you didn’t have this problem a year ago. Illness or injury can impair your libido as well.

    PS: Can you change your subject line to be somewhat descriptive and informative?

  2. Sejmia says:

    Nothing out of the ordinary is stressing me out at all. I have anxiety issues from time to time, but it’s never affected my libido before.

    The orgasm thing is really weird though. It builds up, then…it just kind of dissipates.

    I’m not on any medications.

    I’ve been lightheaded as of late, but it comes and goes. Anytime I go to a doctor about it, they chalk it up to being part of the anxiety. (The thing is, I’m lightheaded even when I’m not feeling anxious.)


  3. SseNope says:

    Lightheadedness? Like, dizziness or like exhaustion? Are you getting enough sleep, water, all of that? I know others here are more knowledgeable about underlying issues such as thyroid, so I’ll let them chime in about whether that could be in play. But diet, exercise, and sleep can all play into feeling lightheaded or not. So can illness, obviously, be it mono or a head cold. I’m not sure how anxiety can play into this; my anxiety mostly manifests with a roiling stomach and all-body itchiness.

    If it was just a lack of libido, I’d point out that I go through such lows occasionally and they pass. I think everyone does. The early PMS and irregular cycle makes me think “ovarian cyst”, but I know that’s not the only option. It’s just what has kicked my cycle around of late.

    How long has your cycle been irregular, and what does “irregular” mean to your body?

  4. Sejmia says:

    Like a head fog? I don’t really know how to explain it other than it feels like I’m not really all there. Whenever I do have panic attacks, that lightheadedness tends to stick around for a little while.

    I think I’m getting enough fluids, food, sleep (although it gets disrupted while I’m pms-ing.)

    Irregular being that they aren’t consistent. That’s been happening for maybe 6 months now. I can go 28 days, or 21 days, or 10. Seems like it’ll go 3 cycles where it’s consistent, then it’ll go 3 cycles of randomness.

  5. SseNope says:

    Sorry I took so long to reply.

    I agree with Gryphonwing: It sounds like the dizziness is potentially connected to the lack of libido. It’s generally recommended here that patients who are struggling to be taken seriously by their doctors do one or more of the following:

    * Bring in a friend, family member, etc who can be your advocate
    * List (clearly and simply!) your major symptoms so the doc can read them
    * Phrase your concerns as a variant of “this is worrying me/impacting my life, can we rule out xyz?” Be firm about how this indeed is affecting you, but stick to the “rule things out” phrasing rather than “I am worried the symptoms mean xyz”. The latter can totally sound like “so I googled my symptoms and now I have the bubonic plague”. Apparently medical professionals dislike that sort of thing.

  6. Gni007 says:

    I am not an expert on this, but I think a fair amount of what you’re experiencing could be explained by hyperthyroidism.

    Alternately, the lightheadedness/dizziness sounds like low blood pressure, which could definitely relate to your fizzling orgasms – literally, with low blood pressure, you don’t get enough blood in erectile tissue.

    Now that I think of it, hypoglycemia can present like that too – is there a connection to when and how much you eat? Although that probably shouldn’t have an effect on your libido.

    It sounds to me like you might have something systemic going on that’s got a root physical cause… hopefully you can find a doctor who will believe you and at the very least check your thyroid hormones. All three of the things I’ve mentioned are easily (and in some cases, routinely) tested for. They’re also all treatable.

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