So this is ridiculous and moronic. I have been on Loestrin for several months, I was switched from microgynon when after several years of working perfectly, it started failing. Loestrin seemed to be working fine at first but the past two months it has been messing with my body and I have been getting period-like symptoms in the middle of each pack. This month I bled for about three weeks. I was planning on going to my GP towards the end of the pack and asking to be switched to another pill, but I couldn't get an appointment in time. I thought that I would just have my withdrawal bleed and then on the day before I was supposed to start the next pack, I would go the doc and get switched then.

HOWEVER, I have been asked to attend an interview at the university I have applied to tomorrow. It's very important, and my bleed was scheduled to begin tomorrow, and since I didn't want to be bleeding and feeling like shit on the day, I thought I would just postpone my period by stacking. I figured I would just endure the pill for one more month and THEN go to the docs. But the Loestrin is such a nightmare and since I had some microgynon left I thought, the microgynon will be easier on my body, so I'll use that instead.

Now I am in a pickle. I have vulvodynia, and today I woke up with total fire-crotch. It's usually only provoked, which means I don't have constant pain, it only hurts when I'm touched. But today there is a constant burning sensation. I think I have screwed up my body with all of these hormones and now it is freaking out. I don't know what to do.

It is the most important thing in the world to me, to not make my vulvodynia worse. It is already such a hellish problem, and I can't risk things getting even more painful, so my instinct is to just stop taking all pills and give my body a break. But the reason I take the pills is so keep my periods from being horrific as without the pills they are really debilitating. I can't risk getting sick tomorrow and missnig my interview.


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  1. Hteall says:

    Can you use lidocaine for the vuvodynia? If so, then I’d suggest that in this case, continuing the pill only one more day, for the interview — using lidocaine as needed. (And pampering yourself a lot today!)

    If you can’t use lidocaine at all effectively, then it might be worth risking that your bleed won’t start immediately if you don’t take tomorrow’s pill. Do you normally bleed on the first day of No Hormones, or does it normally wait a day or two?

    I hope that at least might spark some ideas! Good luck!!

  2. Siaora says:

    Usually when I stop taking them it takes about three days for me to start bleeding. I am just worried that this won’t be the case this time because of how my body has been reacting to this new pill. I think you’re right though, that’s a good idea — I will continue with them until my interview is over and then stop, and I’ll just use the lidocaine until then. I hadn’t thought of that before because usually when I am having a flare up like this it is due to sexual activity which has irritated my skin, and I usually never use the lidocaine in those situations because it burns on contact and makes things worse. But because this is a flare up from medication and has nothing to do with damaged skin, it should be fine. Thank you!!

  3. Nagzoa says:

    Personally I would stop taking the pill and let my bodys hormones get back to normal. My vulvodynia started with the pill and like many ladies in my support group stopping the pill lessened if not made our pain disappear. I feel your pain, since your pain is provoked I’m guessing you don’t havn’t a pain management system? Sadly when I had flares I could only lay back and ice my crotch along with taking muscle relaxers.

  4. Nagzoa says:

    Also if you have a facebook and are interested in joining a private support group (only you know your a member, your friends list will have no clue), you can message me your fb and I can add you. Talking and getting advice from other suffers really helps.

  5. Siaora says:

    Thank you so much. I don’t have a facebook unfortunately, but I am already a member of a forum so I am able to talk to other sufferers.

    Usually I am pretty well prepared and know exactly how to deal with my pain — I use the lidocaine for sex and when I am raw afterwards I apply coconut oil or yogurt and that helps me. I have just been thrown off by this burning today because it is not what I am used to. Luckily I am not working or anything today and am able to just lie around, and the coconut oil has soothed me a little. I think you’re right though, I plan to stop taking these pills once my interview is over.

    I’m actually considering stopping them altogether. The reason they stopped working properly is because of the natural hormonal changes that have occured since I hit my twenties, and I was thinking that since so much time has passed and since my body is different now, perhaps my periods won’t be as bad as they used to. It’s worth a shot I guess, I will try a few months with no pill and see what happens. It would be nice to be able to come completely off it, as I don’t like taking it. Like you mentioned, I have read a lot of negative stuff about it in relation to vulvodynia. Thanks for your help.

  6. 9ohYes says:

    Hello, I was wondering what support forum you use? I also have vulvodynia but I haven’t looked into support groups or forum groups, although I would love to get in touch with other women who understand what I’m going through. It’s tough.


  7. Siaora says:

    Of course:

    There are lots of members but there is mostly just a small group of women who post regularly and they are all super nice. There’s a lot of useful information there, and we all share tips etc. Also, it is just a really great place to go to vent, because they all know exactly what you’re going through.

    Hope it helps you!

    EDIT — my username on there is lolainslacks by the way, in case you ever need to talk about anything, I’m always willing to help.

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