Hey VP,
I haven’t posted in a long time. I went to see a specialist and I have been symptom free from vulvalar vestibulitis (pardon my poor spelling) for months. I know the pattern of it is it waxes and wains. Over the past two days it seems I am having some internal itching around the inside of my opening. Feels sort of tight and it comes in waves throughout the day. I have no discharge, smell, bumps, nothing out of the ordinary. Just the wave of itchiness through out the day. Seems worse then yesterday. I attempted to have sex last night and I wasn’t able to get as wet as I normally do and it just seemed tight and uncomfortable so we stopped. I am due to get my period in roughly 4-5 days. Would anyone happen to know if this is just the vestibultis peaking it’s head or does it seem like something I should immediately go get looked at? Has anyone else had this and had it go away? I am paranoid it could be yeast and had a diflucan laying around so I took it for good measure.
Any advice? Thanks VP.

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  1. 8idko says:

    Yeah, sounds like a yeast infection. Even though the symptoms occur in your vagina, a yeastie beastie is usually based in your digestive system. There are many off-the-shelf and home remedies to relieve the symptoms. (Google is your friend.) But also work on the cause, not just the symptoms. http://www.ehow.com/how_5701423_remove-yeast-digestive-tract.html

  2. BjdacH says:

    I had exactly what you had. I no longer have it. It was not a yeast infection and after talking to my friend she told me to use a laundry detergent with no smell and also, the big one, not to you Royale Toilet paper. It worked. I use Charmin. To relieve itching I
    took baths with baking soda. Hope this helps someone!

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