I was thinking about this last night and curious if my masturbation technique was dangerous. I don't finger myself, I can't find my hole correctly and rubbing my vulva doesn't give me the same sensation (I feel something but it's boring and I don't feel MUCH with that technique) since I was a child and 'discovering myself ' I would rub my area (below the stomach where pubic hair grows) until I felt something down there. I'm starting to wonder if this is irritating the area where I pee out of. I've never had any problems (it gets irritated by pads anyways and usually had a small paper cut like sting after my period) but otherwise I don't think anything is wrong? I want to be sexually active soon and I'm worried if I've done any harm over the years or if I could just be overreacting….

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  1. OblFriut says:

    if you have symptoms when you pee, it could just be an infection, these just happen sometimes, and are not always related to masturbation. if it happens often you should remember to wash your hands before and after you masturbate, and to urinate when you’re done to help wash bacteria out of the urethra.

    there are LOTS of different ways to masturbate, yours doesn’t sound all that odd or harmful. In fact, I am curious as to why you’d think you’re causing yourself harm when it doesn’t sound like you’re even touching your vulva.

  2. PopRa says:

    “In fact, I am curious as to why you’d think you’re causing yourself harm when it doesn’t sound like you’re even touching your vulva.”

    because it’s putting pressure on my urethra and I just got concerned out of curiosity. Thanks for your reply! I feel better now.

  3. Eanva says:

    how is it putting pressure on your urethra, exactly? Your urethra is right next to your vaginal opening, so if you aren’t fingering that, you probably aren’t putting pressure on your urethra…

  4. SseNope says:

    The urethra can be anywhere between the head of the clit and the vaginal opening. Mine certainly is placed where I can accidentally rub it when my clit is rubbed, but can be easily avoided during fingering.

    Aaaaand that’s why I get so many UTIs.

  5. OtiGirl says:

    Sorry if I’m reading this wrong, but you’re rubbing near your urethra? Is it possible that you’re hitting your clitoris or the surrounding nerves in the process?

    I’ve also heard of women who have sensitive urethral areas and can get aroused by feeling around near the urethra.

    You’re probably be ok as far as putting pressure on yourself goes, but I second the other poster about washing your hands beforehand (unscented soap would be best), especially if you’re going to be touching your urethral opening. If you get any symptoms of a UTI, be sure to call your doctor as soon as possible to be safe.

  6. PopRa says:

    yeah I think thats it. So I’m glad to know it’s normal.
    I only rub the are with pants on so I’m hopefully safe in regards to the hand washing?

  7. OtiGirl says:

    I’d probably say that’s ok, but I’m not an expert. Just be careful if you decide to go under clothing 🙂

  8. NywNo says:

    The “feeling something” is most likely your clitoris. Especially if it feels really good and thrills your nerves. 🙂 That’s not dangerous at all. The opening to the urethra usually gets all rubbed up against all the time during normal intercourse anyway, so I’m sure you’re perfectly fine. Just make sure your hands are clean before you touch yourself.

  9. SseNope says:

    If you’re worried about irritating your urethra, pee afterwards. When you become sexually active with a partner, it’s a really good idea anyway (even if there’s no penetration), so why not start now?

  10. NywNo says:

    Definitely good advice right here 🙂

  11. Dniora says:

    When I was really young (I started masturbating at six) I used to worry I was crushing my urinary tract by pressing on my clit and so I’d immediately rush to go pee after I masturbated to make sure I still could and if not then I could immediately get the problem fixed >_< I later learned that the two (on me) aren’t even near one another and now I actually HAVE to pee post-orgasm/post-sex (conditioning, lol) and doing this can help prevent urinary tract infections and the only problems I’ve ever had from masturbating externally is some soreness because my nails were too long–keep them trimmed! lol

  12. Megan says:

    I find that touching my urethra is very arousing, especially if I have to pee real bad. I’ll sit on the toilet and rub that area until I begin to orgasm. It seems that I urinate and orgasm about the same time and it really feels great; that’s why I need to be seated on the toilet when I do this.

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