alright y’all, just looking for a little help here.

i’ve been on various hormonal BC methods for the better part of 10 years. while i have taken year+ breaks between meds, i’ve run the gambit from nearly every type of pill to the patch.

two years ago i was on trinessa (the generic ortho tri cyclen) – for birth control purposes only. neither my acne nor menstrual flow really need any kind of assistance. i was never really bothered by spotting, which was infrequent enough to well, not be bothered. i went in for my well woman last february and was actually spotting during my visit so my gyno prescribed zarah (the generic for yaz) which has HORRIFIC reviews (which i didn’t know until recently), as well as brutal spotting. sometimes my third week of the month (week before placebo, or what i lovingly call my PMS week) is heavy enough to warrant a pad. and it’s sometimes bright blood, not the rusty or ruddy dark gooey tissue. and i’ve been prone to vaginal maladies (various infections, discomforts, etc.) while on this. i’ve gotten TWO external yeast infections while on this crap.

anyway, since i’ve finally put two and two together, i’d like to know what birth control methods you recommend? for someone whose body apparently has a penchant for spotting. i’d prefer something with a generic (the $40 a month difference adds up quickly), though i’m not adverse to an IUD. i’m not keen on implanon or depo, i’d like to be able to very quickly cease ingestion of the medicine if i dislike how i react to it. any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. my well woman is coming up and i’d like to have an idea going into it, rather than taking whatever the doctor decides to write for me.

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  1. Nagzoa says:

    Not much help but ahhhh your icon. Pug love <3

  2. Lamco says:

    😀 i found it on the interwebs from coverage of the portland pug parade, what a wonderful thing it is!

  3. 29dWoman says:

    the portland pug parade

    Oh. My. Goodness. *books flight*

  4. LadSmall says:

    I have had a really positive experience with the Mirena IUD. If you’re interested in more information about IUDs, iud_divas is a really good resource.

  5. Lamco says:

    thank you 🙂 i’ll definitely check it out because it sounds like an amazing little device.

  6. Kdgle says:

    Soooo I have had a ‘conversion experience’ and now I’m a true believer in Mirena. I’m 34, nulliparous, and I can’t take oral contraceptives because they make my migraines and mood swings worse. However, I had “Holy Mother of God” levels of bleeding every month without any apparent cause, so I wanted to try to fix that.

    I’ve had my Mirena since April and it’s been awesome so far. It did cause a bit of acne (now pretty much under control with zinc supplements and the addition of a toner to my wash + moisturize routine) and it makes my boobs swell up in a somewhat painful way every month. However, my bleeding is so much lighter and my cramps so much more manageable that it is worth the tradeoff. I’ve had no noticeable weight gain and no mood problems. (My boyfriend and I had a bad breakup and that made my mood pretty sh*tty, but I don’t blame the Mirena.)

    Like you, I was really wary of a method that I couldn’t stop right away. I travel a lot, and my doc explained what I should do if I felt like I needed to remove my own IUD because I’m days away from a hospital. (I hope i never have to do it, and she was like “Listen, don’t do this unless you absolutely have to.” At home, if I had to get it out right away I could see an urgent care person or the ER and they could do it for me, so I feel pretty comfortable.

    I did spot pretty continuously for months 2 and 3 with the IUD. However, I was also traveling, eating weird food, and under a great deal of stress. Some spotting is normal, but I wonder if mine also had something to do with my situation.

    You can check out iud-divas for more info!

  7. Lamco says:

    the only really unpleasant side-effect i get from the pill that i’m currently on, besides the spotting, is the swollen achy breasts (my breast skin is starting to show signs of displeasure after a year of this :[ ). that’s a little unnerving about removing it yourself, though i can understand why it would be useful, especially when traveling. and i expect spotting, especially at first, with any new BC method.

    i’ve only heard of one negative experience with an IUD in which my acquaintances had actually almost completely fallen out. which i’d honestly never heard of, and the girl i know didn’t take tremendously good care of herself (so i assume she was just as negligent with her sexual self, as well as her girly-bits). i’ve heard the horror stories of the IUD breaching the uterine wall, too. but i’ll take all of my urban legend horror story type things to IUD divas to see how sensible this is. i just don’t want to have a baby!!!

    thank you for all your input, too 🙂

  8. Uoyva says:

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure recommendations for other forms of HBC would be all that helpful, due to the fact that one person’s personal experience with any pill could be entirely different from the experience you might have. Which is why reviews of one pill versus another aren’t actually that helpful. But if you are looking for more info on non hormonal methods, you might find the Non-Hormonal Birth Control article from the Vulvapedia useful. I also second the recommendation for checking out iud_divas‘s for more IUD information. There is also a Vulvpedia article on IUD’s as well.

    Also, there are many members of this community who don’t identify as “ladies” even if they might be female-bodied. Similarly, many men read VP too. Many of these folks still might have helpful things to say, so posters are encouraged to use more inclusive language when talking to/greeting the community at large. I’m sure those members would really appreciate it if you could change your greeting to something more inclusive. If you’re interested, you can read more about the reasoning and why members feel it is important, in several of the posts here.

    Annnd ewok pug! Squeee!

  9. Lamco says:

    whoop. i completely understand. it was an oversight on my part and it is now changed 🙂

    and thank you for the insight on hormonal BC, i figured something along those lines would be the case simply from my own experience talking to women about various pills and methods. i’m definitely going to hop over to the IUD community because it seems like that its the most reasonable avenue to follow, given my experience(s) and where i’d prefer my cycle and birth control to go.

    and yes ewok pug!! it even had a little wooden staff that it drug behind itself in a parade, hahaha <3

  10. Uoyva says:

    Thanks for understanding and editing your post so promptly!

    Oh dang, that sounds so cute! Wicket pug is the cutest thing i’ve seen all day.

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