Sorry if this is the wrong community for this, but this is the only active community I know of that might be able to answer me. If you have any suggestions for other communities, please let me know.

I’ve done a ton of googling and am coming up with conflicting information regarding the passage of HPV from women to men in a non-PIV sexual encounter. I have HPV (specifically, the variety that causes precancerous dysplasia that I will have a LEEP procedure to remove in a couple weeks) and I had a sexual encounter today, during which he fingered me and then licked his fingers. Now, he’s afraid that I could have spread it to him through doing that. How likely is this? This was our first sexual encounter, and the fingering did not go on for more than 2 or 3 minutes.

Also, any links with information on this topic would be great, if anyone has any =) Thanks so much!

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  1. Enole says:

    According to my doctor, if your 25 and have had 2 sexual partners, regardless of condom uses or not, you have a 90% likelihood of having HPV…
    HPV can be spread with using condoms…

  2. Noiva says:

    I know it’s incredibly common, but I’m worried about my particular strain which is clearly not harmless, as it’s causing precancerous cell growth, spreading to other women through the men I sleep with. He’s worried about that too, which is why I’m asking about the likelihood.

  3. 78edy says:

    Wait, even with Gardsil? I’m not sexually active but I had Gardsil after it first came out.

  4. SseNope says:

    Gardasil only protects against two of the cancer-causing strains and two of the wart causing strains (and probably gives partial protection against ten others). Those four main strains account for 70% of cases of cervical cancer and 90% of cases of warts. Getting Gardasil doesn’t cut your risk of getting HPV by those percentages, it just cuts your risk of getting those strains. There are a bunch of versions of HPV out there.

    So someone who has had Gardasil probably has a lower likelihood than that, but it’s not significantly lower if every strain of HPV is taken into account.

    It’s sort of like getting a flu shot. You won’t get the strain that the flu shot researchers predicted was going to be “the big one this year”, but you’re not immune to whatever that guy on the bus sneezes onto you.

  5. Enole says:

    There is a test to find out what strain you have. It’s a $150 test in Canada, in the USA I’m not sure. </p>

    HPV can be passed by vaginal fluid, and seamen.

  6. SseNope says:

    I’m sorry your partner is freaking out so much. Have either of you read the CDC’s fact sheets on HPV? I find them sort of soothing in their matter of fact delivery.

  7. Noiva says:

    I did come across them in my googling! Thanks for that though. I’ll be sure to pass that along to him.

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