I’ve been having what seems like the early stages of a UTI. I’ve had these symptoms for a few days: Needing to pee often, slight pressure at the end of the stream. Its very mild so far and I just wondered if i went to urgent care in the morning would it pick up the bacteria this soon. Should I wait until its a little more advanced?

Should I avoid sex in the meantime? I’ve had a lot of sex this week and I wondered if this was the cause. I rarely pee afterwards because I dont generally need to go. I’d like to nip this in the bud before it really kicks in.

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8 Responses to How soon can you test for a UTI?

  1. SseNope says:

    From personal experience, if it’s enough to cause pain or irritation, it’ll show up on their front line test. Go in tomorrow.

    And don’t have sex in the meantime! That’ll only exacerbate it.

  2. Yaw99 says:

    The longer you wait the worse it will get if it’s a UTI. Nip it in the bud and you will not be sorry! You could increase your water intake and take lots of cranberry pills, but if the bacteria have already set in that really wont help. I say go to the doctor. 🙂

    Sex can definitely cause UTIs. Even if you don’t have to “go” right after maybe try drinking a glass of water and then going? It’s really the best way to flush out the bad bacteria sex may have pushed in. You can also start taking cranberry supplements to help acidify your urine and kill harmful bacteria.

    UTIs = not fun. Good luck!

  3. 29dWoman says:

    Drink lots of water if you’re not hydrated enough.

  4. 012woa says:

    Those tests the doctor’s do are usually pretty on point…if you can detect something, the test will detect something (unless it’s not a UTI).

    Don’t wait! I say this as someone who has spent the past month or so with a stubborn UTI that won’t go away and I’m miserable at this point.

    But like others said, take cranberry pills to help your symptoms if you’re uncomfortable, but they’re not a cure. I’ve also been drinking plain, unsweetened cranberry juice.

  5. Bmuall says:

    bacteria have an extremely fast multiplication rate, so a UTI doesn’t take long at all to come on raging. your urinary tract should be, basically, sterile so it would certainly show up in a urinalysis.

    i’ve had a UTI once, symptoms started about 4 am and i had to wait for a clinic to open at 8. i was right there when the doors opened! and since then, i’ve made myself pee after every sexual encounter, even when it’s just with myself.

    i hope you feel better!

  6. ylNa says:

    If you have any doubts about whether it’s a UTI, you could always give yourself a home test. They sell them at the drugstore. Handy to have around!

    Also, in some cases, you can call a clinic and have them prescribe you antibiotics just based off the answers to the questions they ask you without even having to take an actual test. (advice from someone who has gone through having UTIs WAYYY too many times, bleh.)

  7. Nam77 says:

    Usually if I feel UTI symptoms I go to the doctor as soon as I can after noticing them (hopefully same day). They’ve always come up with positive UTI results when I’ve gone in. So I think they can test for them pretty much as soon as you notice the symptoms, if not earlier.

  8. Oreova says:

    I once went to the clinic with the very early stages of a UTI. I’ve had them before so I knew *exactly* what they felt like. When I took the quick test at the clinic, they said that nothing really showed up, but since I’ve had UTI’s before they just trusted my belief that it was a UTI and gave me the antibiotics. So I don’t think you can really be too early.

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