Although I was initially against it, I'm trying HBC for the first time. I'm on nortrel 7/7/7, generic for necon 7/7/7 (same formula as ortho novum 7/7/7) However, I am getting symptoms of depression and nausea so bad I have actually vomited. I'm undecided whether I should try a lower estrogen/progesterone pill or stop it all together, but I want to at least stop taking nortrel until I can see my doctor next month.

This is my third month on it and I'm on day 10 of my pack. I last had unprotected sex 3 days ago. How many days minimum should I stay on the pill before it becomes safe to stop?

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  1. Sreoeva says:

    I don’t have the answer to your question about stopping the pill, but I thought I would discuss the nausea you are experiencing.

    What time of day do you take your pill? Nausea is a fairly common side effect, so a lot of people take their pill before bed so that they sleep through it. Personally, I find that if I take my pill immediately after eating a meal, I am fine (otherwise I have fairly strong nausea).

  2. Ehc007 says:

    I take mine at 6PM, and usually that’s before dinner time. I do try to sleep through the nausea but it peaks around 11-1 and sometimes it’s annoying enough to keep me up for a while.

    I’ll def move it back a bit after dinner though.

  3. Hteall says:

    I would say give it about 7 days longer, having no further semen-exposure, and you should be fine to drop the thing.

    Good luck!!

  4. EohNet says:

    Sperm can survive about 5-7 days in a hospitable environment–maximum ten days. On the pill, you are not a hospitable environment, because the pill changes your cervical mucus. There’s a good chance the sperm are already dead. It would also be pretty unlikely for you to ovulate the first day you stop taking the pills–at least a couple days for your ovaries to gear up, and probably more like seven or more. So, honestly, you would probably be fine to stop immediately.

    However, that’s not a medical opinion, and it’s mostly based on your request for the “minimum” days you should keep taking the pill. Each day you stay on it significantly decreases your chance of getting pregnant, since it makes it increasingly unlikely that any sperm could still be living by the time you ovulate.

    Personally, I’d probably stay on the pill for seven days after vaginal insemination.

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