I usually take my birth control (Lo Loestrin FE, if it matters) at 7:00 a.m. every day, but I slept through my alarm this morning so I didn’t take it till 8:15. I didn’t have intercourse this afternoon, but we did mess around, and I noticed some white frothy stuff on my pubes. Problem is, he was out of lube, so he had to use shampoo, so it very likely is shampoo (or a mix of cum and shampoo). I saw a bit of cum on my mid-abdomen, but the pube area is unknown, so I have no idea if some got in that area. Given that I had a virgin pregnancy several years ago, I’m overly paranoid about this, but I don’t want to take Plan B and mess up my body if I don’t have to.

Regardless of the risk – I have been meaning to post about how late too late is. I know the more on time the better, and I believe “late” is technically considered 12 hours (right? The “manual” doesn’t specify) but what if I’m 15 minutes late? An hour? 2 hours? I kind of need to know for when I do start having sex again, which will probably be soon. You know, for those days that I accidentally sleep through my alarm. Oops. Although… this seems bizarre: I just double checked, and the booklet says that if you miss just one blue pill (the full hormone pill), you DON’T need back-up birth control, but 2 or 3 and you do. Really? I always thought that if you missed any you needed back up.

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7 Responses to How late is too late (do I need to get a Plan B)?

  1. SseNope says:

    Being an hour and fifteen minutes late technically falls under “typical use”, but it’s hardly on the same level as 6-12 hours late. Your protection has not been compromised.

    As a side note: Shampoo as lube? I’d be more concerned about vaginal infection than pregnancy. If you’re not using latex condoms, there are a few food-safe, vagina-safe alternatives to lube. Coconut oil is my favorite; I don’t know how vagina-safe other oils can be. 100% pure aloe works in a pinch as well.

  2. EruSmall says:

    There wasn’t any intercourse, that was strictly for his fun. My vagina was safe from the shampoo (one of the several reasons we didn’t have sex today, ha)! A little just rubbed off onto the front part of my pubes.

    I got him turned on to coconut oil (in more ways than one!), but we were at his place and he sadly hasn’t bought any yet.

  3. SseNope says:

    Ohhh phew. If there wasn’t penetration or ejaculation ON the vulva, then it’s highly unlikely that any sperm were adventurous enough to find your vagina.

  4. Hteall says:

    An hour’s difference, in a combined pill (progesterone + estrogen), is not enough to worry about. You’re fine. For most combined pills, “late” is only an issue at about 12 hours. I would not worry about Plan B for this at all. The closer you come to On Time, the better, of course — but part of that is that your uterus might be very touchy and go, “Hormone drop? BLEED TIEMS NAO???” after as little as an hour or two late. The other part is that going for the Exact Time makes a habit that means you are much less likely to accidentally miss a pill entirely and forget to make it up. Or several pills.

    As for whether you need backup after a 12+ hour late/missed pill, it depends on the pill, and on your peace of mind. If yours says you don’t, then you probably don’t — but peace of mind is still your decision alone.

    (…and shampoo and sperm are not things that mix well, I suspect!)

    Sorry if I’m a little disjointed! I’m being talked to while I’m trying to type…

  5. SstRa says:

    What’s a virgin pregnancy?

  6. EruSmall says:

    I got pregnant without ever having any kind of penetration – i.e., while a virgin. Doctors’ best guess was that some cum splashed on the area, but since we always messed around with underwear on, still not sure. It remains a mystery.

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