My period is pretty regular.  I use an app to track it and it's reasonably accurate, usually within a day.  So I was quite surprised when my period started yesterday, 5 days early.  It's very definitely a period.  What's more interesting is that my PMS symptoms just started Tuesday.  So I'm getting all of it all at once.  So, my question is (knowing ymmv and all that), how early would my period have to be for me to be concerned?  I'm not concerned really, just curious more than anything.

Possible contributing factors – (just one, really) FedEx lost my brand new $900 laptop and I have been extremely stressed about this all week.  And really quite enraged to the point that, despite being EXHAUSTED, could not sleep.  I imagine that this is probably related, but doesn't stress usually delay your period?

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6 Responses to How early is too early?

  1. Sseyle says:

    5 days early is definitely not a big deal. Stress has brought on early periods for me, even when I was taking HBC.

    Even if it was 2 weeks early, a one time early period isn’t anything that i personally would be concerned about. If it was happening all the time, it would be worth seeing a doc, certainly. But a one time thing, early period, missing period, whatever the case might be isn’t something that I would even think to be concerned about. (Of course, I am not a doctor!)

  2. Hta99 says:

    Stress triggered my period 3 days early and I’m on HBC. Sometimes it happens. If it happens over and over that might be something to get checked out by a doc.

  3. Yraiut says:

    I agree stress is a big factor. For me personally? Sexual activity also can trigger me to start early.

  4. Ylgne says:

    I think everyone is different.

    I remember when I had an early period, and it freaked me out.

    It was because at the time I was under a lot of stress because I had a sinus infection from allergies. I started taking antibiotics and then my period started a week early.

  5. Eneita says:

    Before I found out I was pregnant in January, I had a cycle that was 21 days long. Which was really odd for me, since mine are usually about 34-35 days. I wouldn’t worry too much about it though…it may just be an anovulatory cycle, which is totally normal.

  6. Kdgle says:

    One more member of the chorus — stress can totally make your period come early. I sometimes get them twice in 30 days due to stress…going to see my family at Christmas in particular seems to set it off. 😛

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