Seems like I've been here often! Thanks for all those who helped me in my last post, it's really appreciated!

My problem in the last few days is my breasts are VERY swollen. I usually have a bit sore breasts, maybe slightly swollen when I'm due for my period, but nothing that causes discomfort, only a 'oh it's that time of the month!' sign. My bras are very tight, and I'm pretty self concious as I don't feel comfortable with myself. I noticed hard glands on the outer side of each breast. I'm wondering what's going on… Could this be a very bad PMS (and if so, if there anything I can do to decrease the size?) or something more alarming…?  It is a first for me to have such 'bigger' breasts while not on any type of hormones or such (I'm a 32 DD normally, having a very small frame and having a good healthy weight) and it's making me stress, and feel very complexed…  Also, I noticed my bras fitting differently a week ago, but I considered it to not eating good (boyfriend couldn't afford much groceries, even less healthy food, I had to wait until my next pay) but this is really out of control for me 🙁 … Any advice? 

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  1. Eanva says:

    The hardened/swollen glands you’re feeling on the outside of each breast are part of the lymph node system.

    Are any of your other lymph nodes hard or swollen (the ones by your neck and genitals are easiest to find, you can google for a pic if you need)? Do you have any other signs of illness – Fever, tiredness, aches?

    The swollen glands could be pressing on your breast tissue and making it sit different so it seems fuller, and also causing it to be tender. The reason why they are so swollen should be addressed though. I’d suggest seeing your doc and having him/her examine the glands and go from there.

  2. Alooeva says:

    I can also feel by just holding my breasts that they are bigger, also by looking at them I see a slight difference, even if my boyfriend assures me that he doesn’t notice! I don’t like this…

    I googled it and I felt around… down by the genitals I did not feel anything out of the ordinary, and neither on my neck. Either there’s nothing or I’m doing it wrong… The only difference is the glands in the breasts, and the difference is quite big.

    I should call my doctor for an appointment (hoping I won’t wait months!) and hope for a period to come as well (I forgot to mention, I’m due on the 23rd).

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Alooeva says:

    I also forgot to mention, yes I’ve been feeling quite tired, I’ve also had very bad headaches that caused me to go to the doctor a few weeks ago and pass several tests… only to find out ‘nothing was wrong’ and that it was probably only due to stress.

  4. SseNope says:

    Very bad PMS does sound like the culprit here, made worse by a sudden change in diet. If you ate a lot more salty foods or something, that can increase water retention.

    My breasts also get a cup or so larger when I have an ovarian cyst. Is that a possibility? (Do you have spotting, cramps, or progesterone-only birth control?)

    PS: I have a very slight frame and was 32DD for years, but it turns out that standard bra sizes and fitting advice suck HARD. My sore boob PMS bothers me a lot less now that I’m wearing a properly supportive bra.

  5. Alooeva says:

    Thank you! 🙂

    That’s very possible, I never thought of that, for the salt thing. I usually eat a lot of vegetables and fruits an such, and yeah, I’ve been eating basically crap. So it’s very possible.

    Oh I have an IUD, no more hormones for me! I started cramps and brownish discharge (which has now turned to blood, it happens often with my IUD). So basically, I’m just waiting to see what happens.

    I agree with that! I had bad experiences when I was trying to find something that fit back when I was a 32F due to HBC. Since then I buy expensive bras at an awesome boutique, so I’m always well fitted, yet I’m at my personal ‘limit where I’m still comfortable size’, so when they get any bigger I panic!

  6. SseNope says:

    You have a copper IUD, not a Mirena, I assume?

    I’m glad you’re well aware of larger cup sizes. Your self-description as very slight made me think “not a 32 band!” but hey, if you’ve been properly fitted, then hooray!

    Does drinking more water help? People here recommended evening primrose oil and vitamin E, but I haven’t taken either for long enough to see an effect.

  7. Alooeva says:

    Yes, a copper one! Flexi-T actually, if that makes any difference.

    Oh, I’m pretty much an expert in bras! … and noticing any changes in my size! I even had to wear an older bra today, a 32E, which is barely too big… this better go down soon 🙁

    It’s also true that I have been drinking much less water than I used to, I should change that immediately. I thought of exercising too, as temperatures where I live are great.

    I will also call my doctor tomorrow for an appointment, as I want to be sure of what’s going on (I also wanted to considerer a breast reduction with her, as even after going down from a 32F to a 32DD, I’m still uncomfortable. It will be a useful consultation!)

  8. UceNet says:

    I wouldn’t worry until after your period 🙂 I had this happen a few months ago, where my 30FF breasts went to a 30G+ for a good fortnight until my period was over. Being a big size to begin with, extra pre-menstrual swelling was really noticeable. I’m not sure what caused it, but it didn’t happen again in the next month (though I was early, so I put it down to hormone levels, possibly stress).

    If it persists, get it checked out.

  9. Alooeva says:

    It’s the first time this has ever happened to me, so I panicked! I was always very complexed about my larger breasts on small frame (I went down 2 sizes when I dropped HBC, yet I wouldn’t say no to 2 more sizes less) so I don’t want to have ‘more’ again. It’s a touchy subject me.

    I’m less worried now! I’m due in 3 days and have had a bit of brown discharge today, so I’m hoping to get my period!

    Thank you! 🙂

  10. Noo99 says:

    I have the same size boobs as you, and mine get slightly bigger when I’m PMSing/during my period. That is perfectly normal, however if you’re still experiencing this after your period is over, I’d get them checked out by a doctor.

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