Hi everyone, I am in a bit of a quandary and hoping someone here will have some advice for me.

I posted here looking for others’ experiences with laparoscopies, particularly for cysts. Thank you so much to everyone who posted comments there for me; I really appreciated it and have a much better picture of what I’m going to be dealing with.

Yesterday I finally got around to calling my GP to make an appointment to get the hemoglobin test done, fill out the pre-op form (basic physical), and get a new Rx for my HBC, since I am on my last pack and have two weeks left. (This is not leaving it too late at all, right? I’m not living on another planet or something here?)

Apparently my GP is away until the day before my surgery (March 20). I could go in to the clinic to see the doctor who is covering for her, but it would be as a walk-in, so I would have to go and then wait and possibly not be seen at all. I almost had a meltdown over it, but managed to calm myself down and called the woman who had given me my instructions for the pre-surgery stuff because she had said I could call her with any questions. She said that I could go to a walk-in clinic for the form and bloodwork, and she told me that I can take my pill with a small sip of water that morning. (Obviously assuming I have more by then.)

I then remembered that I have a different doctor for my ADHD, and he is a regular family physician who has done specialized training in ADHD and its common comorbidities (e.g., depression). So I thought I might call his office and ask if he could/would do the form and bloodwork for me. I was just there for a new Adderall prescription, but he also recommended melatonin for sleeping and I could stand to do a debrief on that since I’m not totally sure it’s quite what I need (though it definitely helps me fall asleep faster).

What I’m not sure about is the HBC. I’ve been taking Yaz for just over two years. It’s time for my annual physical, too, but given that I’ve had several such exams in the past year (three vaginal ultrasounds, two pap tests, and two internal exams) and will be thoroughly examined “down there” in under a month, I don’t see the point in having another one right now; I just need a month or two of Yaz to get me through the surgery and recovery period, at which point I can go see my regular GP.

I just find this all very confusing because until the fall of 2009 (when I found my GP), I really only went to walk-in clinics; until the fall of 2010 (when I started seeing my ADHD doctor), I had never had more than one doctor at a time; and until the fall of 2011 (when I was sent to the gynecologist), I had certainly never had three doctors. I like having specific doctors who I see for specific things, but I feel like it’s way more complicated than it should be at this point. Should I ask my ADHD doctor to give me a prescription for the Yaz? Should I go to a walk-in clinic for the Yaz? Should I try to see the gynecologist for the Yaz prescription? (That one feels a little ridiculous to me as he is a specialist who will be performing my surgery in March and I’ll be seeing him the week before for the pre-op appointment and stuff.)

I’m sorry if this is really rambly or disorganized or anything; up late last night, no meds today as it’s Saturday, and have an injured guinea pig who I’ve been nursing. If something doesn’t make sense, please ask and I will try to explain; somewhere along the way I’m sure I’ll be able to find the words to explain it clearly! 🙂

Edit: I realize I should have mentioned that usually when I call for an appointment I get in within seven days of the call, and often they have same-day appointments for me. This happens with my GP, my ADHD doctor, and with my dentist (and my vet).

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  1. EohNet says:

    I guess it depends on the practice, but yes, I do think you’re expecting a lot to assume they can get you in for a routine appointment within two weeks. When I was having 4-week appointments when I was pregnant, they often had trouble getting me in that quickly even though they obviously tried to keep slots open for that. For an annual-type appointment I would assume I’d want to call ahead at least a couple of months.

    I don’t really know about the other stuff. I figure it wouldn’t hurt to ask the doctor who’s treating your ADHD if they could help out, especially since you shouldn’t need a pelvic exam or anything.

  2. Ennmsk says:

    Thanks. I will call my ADHD doctor on Monday.

    I just edited my post to note that usually I get in within the week. I honestly can’t imagine keeping track of my pills well enough to know that I need to call a month ahead to make my appointments. I’m doing well to remember to call a few days before the prescription runs out totally. (And that’s with putting reminders in my day planner starting a week ahead.) I even have trouble remembering to call the pharmacy for my next refill, even though that’s easy to know since the number of pills is so low!

  3. Sseyle says:

    I’m a little tired, and struggling with some of the details here – but it sounds like you need a HBC refill, but can’t see your regular doctor in time? Often, especially if you have your annual scheduled some time in the near future, they’ll just extend your prescription 1 or 2 months. I would just call the office and ask them to do that, if it were me. (Forgive me if this misses the point…tired!)

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