And say HELLOOOOO to my period. Because it’s sticking around this time, by the looks of it.

I came of HBC last year May and haven’t had a “proper” (as in more than a day of bleeding) period since October. Since then there have been spots here and there, roughly on the first of the month.

Two days ago, though? Oh my god. No doubt about it. I have back ache, nausea, and it looks like I’m murdering someone. Yes.

The ONLY think that’s changed is that I’m now gluten-free, based on a high TSH and normal T3-T4 reading.

Surely a GF diet couldn’t bring about normal periods?? Is that anecdotal or known evidence?

I mean, I’m not complaining. I’m happy with The Curse that’s not really a curse. Yay for my body working, you know? But I’m wondering of GF has anything to do with it. Do any of you have any thoughts?

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5 Responses to Gluten free = period? Surely not…

  1. Sepzoa says:

    Gluten is known to offset hormones. I’m not so sure of how, but I have Celiac disease and Hashimoto’s hypothyroid and before being diagnosed I had tons of problems with my cycle + cysts and tumors on my ovaries.

  2. Nywte says:

    I’m on the pill, but I’m also gluten free, and I have to say my periods are different being gluten free, even though I’m on HBC.
    They used to be horribly crampy and bleedy, and now they’re barely noticeable (except for the blood, but I mean physical symptoms and such).

  3. Hteall says:

    (Just because I’m a thyroid worry-wart — make sure that your next test checks your free T4 and free T3. If something is binding your thyroid hormones so they register on tests but are not available to your body, then only the Free values will tell you this — but the high TSH is suspicious that way. And, of course, get the numbers.)

    That worried said, if you have an intolerance to gluten, then going GF could indeed do interesting things with your hormone/body. If your body was considering gluten to be a constant stressor, then it might not ovulate, or might not build up much uterine lining to shed, or both. How long have you been GF?

  4. 46eana says:

    i’ve been gluten free for 6 1/2 years now and its never effected my period or menstrual cycle. i don’t know about it effecting my hormone levels because i have pcos and my hormones have always been crazy. so i’m no help.

  5. AetFire says:

    there’s a thinking that gluten has a relation to hormones/insulin, and if you have something like PCOS, going gluten free can help with the symptoms and start regulating cycles.

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