Random question for all cause I’m curious. Have you ever eaten something that has changed the color of your pee?

I recently had a red velvet cupcake, and a few hours later when I went to the bathroom, my urine was bright red. Imagine my OH MY GOD I’M DYING reaction. I literally thought my pee was full of blood. Freaked out a bit, evaluated the fact that I had absolutely no other symptoms of any sort and felt perfectly normal, and then remembered the cupcake. Since I’m obviously FINE, I can only assume that it was the dye from the cupcake. How weird! I never knew that could happen.

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21 Responses to Funny question about urine

  1. 689No says:

    I personally have never noticed it, but when I made my boyfriend a red velvet cake for his birthday a few months ago he said the exact same thing happened to him.

  2. Syova says:

    Vitamins. They make my pee bright yellow. It looks pretty funny.

  3. Dri007 says:

    I take a multivitamin with B6 in it and it turns my pee like bright neonish yellowygreen. At first I was alarmed but then my mom told me that always happens with B vitamns 😛

  4. YppSuper says:

    The factories that manufacture B vitamins have to have special filtration systems on their waste water to keep from turning the ground water yellow/fun fact of the day

  5. Hteall says:

    Azo’s pain-killer for UTIs is notorious for turning urine bright orange. Even taking B-vitamins will tend to turn one’s pee bright yellow! It’s not common for red dye to go through so quickly, but, obviously it can happen!

    Sounds pretty scary, though!

  6. Etnous says:

    I’ve had that happen with Cherry Crush soda. It just so happened that I’d an hour prior called out of work for gastrointestinal distress, so I freaked out. And then I remembered the (bright red) soda…

  7. 30ana says:

    My ex would pee blue/green whenever he had blue cordial. Some people just don’t filter or break down the food colouring I guess.

  8. Airte says:

    UTI painkillers make it orangey red
    vitamins make it highlighter yellow

    I’ve never had any dye-colored urine but I know that it can happen in babies. On my little sister’s first birthday, she had a VERY blue cake and ended up with blue poo and a blue dyed butt for a few days.

  9. Eedova says:

    Not urine, but I take gummy vitamins and they change the color of my discharge. Very weird!

  10. amana says:

    Just curious because I take these, too…What do they change it to?

  11. Eedova says:

    It depends on the color of the gummy–I am a little weird sometimes and separated all the vitamins by color, first eating red, then orange–I thought I was spotting! It was really irritating. Then I ate the yellows and everything was normal–then, when it came to the purples, it was sort of blue-gray?

  12. amana says:

    Interesting. I only eat the same colors together, but I vary them from day to day. So maybe that’s why I haven’t seen the same thing. I kind of want to try this as a weird experiment now, though. lol

  13. Kdgle says:

    There is TONS of food coloring in red velvet cake, so if something’s going to change the color of your pee, that would do it! 🙂 Beets, too.

  14. EroWo says:

    Yup, beets, every time.

    Macrobid dyes urine orangeish.

  15. SseNope says:

    Beets, absolutely! Even the greens, for me.

    Macrobid dyes my pee somewhat brown, though that might just mean that I was on the dehydrated side and thus the urine was more concentrated. I thought I was imagining things for the first few days, and then I re-read the patient info.

  16. Revous says:

    Oh goodness, red velvet cake has a TON of food coloring in it – I’ve made one, and the recipe told me to literally dump the whole bottle in there. So, I imagine there is a possibility it turned your urine red. I know that … well, that it turns other things red too, and that can be equally frightening until you realize what it is. Its totally happened to me. 🙂

  17. SkkZero says:

    Funny story, my nephews first birthday was with red velvet cake, cue 20 some odd parents calling us SCREAMING. why was my kids pee pink after spending the day with you.. lol. OOPS.

  18. EilFru says:

    B-Vitamins always make it neon yellow like Mountain Dew.

    I had some blue-dyed chocolate cupcakes (think red velvet, but blue instead) one time that had so much blue food coloring in them that my pee was green for the night and my poo was a pretty aqua color for a couple of days. It was funny.

  19. Kgnko says:

    I’ve only had my pee change colour from vitamins. My son on the other hand has had his poop all colours of the rainbow due to various meals of playdough, this included one pretty purple sparkly one from purple playdough with glitter in it.

  20. 261Woman says:

    After eating Sugar SMacks cereal, my pee will smell like it. No other cereal does that, lol.

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