Okay so, I hope it's okay to post this here. Basically, I know where all my lady parts are, and where they should be. But there's something that's happening that I just want some clarification on…

So here's my vagina just chillin'.

And here it is with the clit hood pulled back.

So the hood and the clit are all fine… but what the hell is that big flap of skin off to one side?! I'm not suspicious of it being a problem or whatever, I'm just wondering why…it exists. And I don't want to be shallow but…it looks weird, and I want a normal-looking vagina. :/ There's no more pleasure/nerves in the skin flap than there is in the clit, so there doesn't seem to be any real reason for it. It feels just like the rest of the labia.

So I guess my question is…does anyone else have something like this? Is it pretty normal? If I had the money/time/motivation…could I get it removed? Not saying I will, just wondering. I don't really want to be self-conscious of this flappy piece of skin down there. You know, if someone ever finds their way down there. :p

That's all! Thanks for your time. 

ETA: Some people in the comments were wondering if this was a recent development. No, it's been there for as long as I've paid attention to my vulva. I'm not worried at all about that. And I really appreciate everyone's wonderful comments! Thanks. 😀

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  1. SseNope says:

    Are you talking about the shape of your labia? Genitals, like the rest of your body parts, are usually asymmetrical. Your pictures look like a good demonstration of that. (Edit: By which I mean that they fall absolutely within the range of normal, not that they’re glaringly obviously asymmetrical. With the intro and question, my brain was pretty primed in the direction of noticing.)

    The Everyday Body Project is a great place to find other labia that look like yours–and mine!

  2. Sronia says:

    It looks to me like you simply have one labium that’s larger than the other. Honestly, your genitalia looks so normal that I’m not sure if I’m seeing what you’re seeing!

    Have you seem the Everyday Bodies Project? It’s a (NSFW) collection of pictures of average people’s vulvas. There are several vulvas there that look like yours.

    To clarify, when you say “there’s something that’s happening,” do you mean that this is a recent change, or that you’re just wondering about this way your vulva just happens to look? If this is a recent change for you, it may be worth speaking to a doctor, as swelling or sudden growth could be the mark of an infection or other problem.

  3. Xmeva says:

    I second everything that also_warriors said.

    If it helps any, both of my inner labia are huge. I don’t know if one is larger than the other, I’ve never tried taking a picture or anything to see it from that angle. But as far as I can tell from up here, both are large and flappy. I could totally make them talk if I wanted to.

    Your ladybits look normal to me. If anyone makes their way down there and treats you badly for it… thank the opportunity to show their shallow side, and find someone that you deserve. (My opinion, anyways.)

    If you had the time/money/motivation to have it removed, [NSFW] here is a site that has some before and after pictures of labiaplasty. (I will say though, the left side is stretched out and the right side is tucked in, so I don’t think the before and after photos are entirely accurate.) It’s very much something that you can look into, if you choose that’s what you’d like to do.

    (Sorry for the edits… once to add in a detail, twice to fix a html mess-up. I’m done now!)

  4. XdxWoman says:

    Yeah, it looks like the pinned them back to make them look way bigger and odd than they really were. :/

  5. Xmeva says:

    Yeah after I posted that comment I looked at the pics and thought hrm, this is kinda like the before and after diet photos where they pose badly with bad lighting and no makeup in the before shots… and then they pose all hot with perfect lighting and all sorts of makeup in the after shots. I felt kinda guilty for linking to it, but it was too late.

    At first I’d figured they pinned them back for informational purposes, to show their true size and shape and such. But afterwards I realized that they should’ve done that in the after photos as well.

  6. SguTuT says:

    One of my labia is definitely longer than the other! And I’ve never had a problem with it (both with health and having sexual partners see it). It’s completely normal, just like how many women have one boob slightly bigger than the other!

  7. XdxWoman says:

    It’s your labia and it’s totally normal. I have one larger than the other too.

    ETA: I have had more than 20 partners and not one has ever said anything about it and it is noticeable. If someone did, I wouldn’t have sex with them ever again because they’d be a giant jerkwad. Every woman’s genitals are different, there is no “normal”.

  8. Ttefornia says:

    Psst – every person’s genitals 😉

    neoreulwonhae – I agree with everyone else that I’m not seeing anything at all out of the ordinary.

  9. XdxWoman says:

    Gah!!! I apologize. I am usually really diligent about not gendering my language. Middle of finals, red bull, beer, and 2 am. Not a all encompassing excuse but I really am usually on top of that sort of thing.

  10. Ttefornia says:

    Quite alright! I know you are (in the sense that I recognise your username as someone who is Cool At This!) so reckoned a reminder/request wouldn’t go amiss (and honestly it’s as much for other people as it is for you!). Good luck with the rest of your finals, and with sleeping!

  11. NilWo says:

    … is your icon a Swiss Army Gender sign? /dying of lulz

  12. Ttefornia says:

    YES, YES IT IS. It is the most accurate representation of my gender I have yet come across.

  13. Egneeva says:

    You look absolutely normal and beautiful. How are you SUPPOSED to look? 🙂 The Everyday Bodies Project is the place to go, you’ll see.

    My inner lips actually hang outside my outer when I’m simply standing. They are larger then what you would think they should be. But since nobody has ever told me what they’re “supposed” to look like, I’ve never worried 🙂

    (and nobody has ever mentioned it).

  14. TeoFire says:

    I agree with everyone else that it seems perfectly normal appearance-wise, and yes, I’m asymetrical that way as well. Really common!

    The only concern is what also_warriors said, is if it is a recent and sudden change. Even then, they change during development so depending on your age and how quickly it happened it might not be a concern. But if it is not normal for you, then you might want to have a doctor check you out.

  15. Enioya says:

    That looks like a very normal healthy vagina. That’s your labia minora and it appears that one side is slightly larger than the other.

    This is totally normal and your body, and everyone elses, does this on purpose. Think of your labia minora as the petals of a flower. The larger one folds over the smaller to fully enclose and protect the vaginal opening.

    It’s just another amazing way your body is built to protect itself.

  16. Xate says:

    Just like everyone else has said – completely normal.

    May I ask about your method of hair removal? Your skin looks so smooth!

  17. Eahoma says:

    I actually don’t do anything special, just regular shaving with a razor. 🙂

  18. 7selight says:

    I was going to ask, too! It looks amazing! That is NOT what my pubic area looks like after I shave (I perpetually have a 5 o’clock pubic-shadow), so I am super jealous.

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