For those who own vaginas–how do you know when you have orgasmed? What special signal happens to you that makes you know when you have cum? I hooked up with this guy last night and I was literally shaking for 30 minutes after he went down on me. It was probably the best oral sex i’ve ever had, and I know I orgasmed at least twice, but the shaking could have also just been psychological because I was so nervous/excited that I was with this guy that I had been fantasizing about and pursuing for a couple weeks. So how do you know it’s a physical orgasm and not just psychological elation?

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  1. Hteall says:

    Two ways!

    1: Vaginal Hiccups. Basically, even a measly little climax will almost always produce at least one or two vaginal contractions, which are pretty much like hiccups. Only with totally different muscles.

    2: Over-sensitivity! I, alas, have a fairly long refractory period — I think the shortest time was 45 minutes — and in most cases, trying for a second one that day just isn’t worth it. I get immediate over-sensitivity to any clitoral touch, and with non-PIV forms of sex, tend to have a fairly quick “Okay, party’s over; everything out of the pool!” reaction to penetration. I can get frustrated, but it tends to waver around “not enough stimulation to climax… TOO MUCH TOO MUCH STOPPIT!”

    3: This one is harder to define. It’s like there’s a pressure building up in the back of my head, and then it goes POP. This only happens with a half-way decent “over the edge.” A measly piddling little one (like I have encountered when I try too much stimulation too fast…) just goes “frustrated frustrated frustrated TOO MUCH TOO MUCH STOPPIT” and has — if I pay attention — a weak contraction or two.

    Psychological can make things much better, though. No reason to over-analyze it if you’re having a great time! O;>

  2. 0xClo says:

    I equate that “pressure” feeling to a sneeze, because that’s what it feels like for me! I feel it building up in my lower stomach, like a sneeze does in my sinuses, and then the release feels exactly like a sneeze! I don’t know how else to explain it, hahaha.

  3. XulRa says:

    Yes! Sometimes I DO sneeze, actually.

  4. SguTuT says:

    Haha, me too on rare occasions. More often, though, I get itchy, which is quite strange but I never really questioned it… I think it’s just a “NERVES ARE GOING HAYWIRE RIGHT NOW” thing

  5. Hteall says:

    Yeah! And stopping before climax — or sometimes the teeny little “climaxes” — are like when you’re just about to sneeze……… and it goes away! I hate that feeling.

  6. Tccwoa says:

    Your comment just changed my life. I’m completely serious. Long story short, a year or two ago, I was so hung up on the fact that I had not orgasmed, and to some degree that was true because I never had the kind of orgasm I can have now. BUT you just made me realize that I am capable of having more than one kind of orgasm. That’s awesome! #1 and #2 definitely happen to me A LOT. And I haven’t appreciated it as much as I should!

    The kind of orgasm that I had only starting a year or two ago was the kind that comes with me squirting. It feels fantastic, and it’s a surefire way of knowing that I came. It definitely feels like a release.

    I guess something that I’d advise to the OP (and something that I need to keep in mind) is to not worry too much about what is or isn’t an orgasm. Just because it’s not called an “orgasm” doesn’t mean that it’s not great. Sexual things don’t always fit into rigid boxes.

  7. Hteall says:

    I am glad to have been useful! O:D

  8. SguTuT says:

    I don’t have over-sensitivity and my refractory period is like 2 seconds, but there is a very telling “stop” point for me. It’s like… all this buildup, and then wham, and then it starts over and the feeling starts to be dull like it is in the beginning.

  9. 407Super says:

    When I have a really good one I end up crying lol I actually read up on it to make sure there was nothing wrong with me and it’s actually quite common. I also get kind of mean and grab and hit my fianc? lol I also get super sensitive down there and can’t be touched no more.

  10. Revous says:

    I have had all kinds of reactions when I’ve had orgasms. I’ve had just the physical feelings – vaginal contractions and the like – and I’ve cried, laughed, shook. Sex can bring all those things out in me, so I think shaking is probably pretty normal. 🙂

    Good luck!

  11. Noszoa says:

    For me, I usually get a build up of heat in my right thigh when I’m close to orgasm, which spreads up my hip/across my abdomen/down to my clitoris when I do orgasm. Vaginal contractions for me aren’t uncommon (it’s a semi-regular occurance for me to ‘twitch’ once orgasmed). Emotional effects occur for me as well (normally crying, which requires some explanation from me that it was good, not bad).

  12. Keezoa says:

    Oooh I love hearing about every body’s different response to sexual stimuli. It’s really crazy cool! Thanks for asking this question, what a good one!

    I know when I’ve come when I have a distinct physical reaction. Maybe it’s just me, but the contractions are always there.
    I often find that attention almost solely on my clit produces less “deep” or “intense” contractions that feel very superficial and frantic.
    If I go slower or combine clitoral stimulation with vaginal penetration (hello, hot boyfriend!), I get stronger and deeper contractions and it feels like my entire body is flooded with like… warm coffee. Aaah…
    Also, it feels almost painful at times. It feels a little “sharp”, like there’s tons of electricity wherever feels good and I find that I physically NEED certain stimulation (like my body will collapse without it).
    Funny you mentioned shaking, I got that yesterday during awesome fun times with my dude! I think it’s just because I was coming over and over again (thank you whoever said on this forum to not be afraid to use your hands during sex!), and I started to shake at the end. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a few months, and even though he still makes my knees go all jello, I don’t get nervous like I used to. So my vote: physical reaction!

  13. 210Super says:

    When I orgasm I have pleasurable feelings (“mmmm that feels good, keep going”) that can last for a long time leading up to the orgasm. However, I really know I have hit an orgasm when 5-10 seconds before, I get a feeling of the point of no return. In other words, I feel a bit like being at the top of the roller coaster hill. At that point if the stimulation stops, I will have a very small, unsatisfying orgasm (one or two vaginal contractions, feeling of mild release). If the stimulation continues past the point of no return, I have a larger orgasm, with vaginal/anal contractions, and full body extension (my head tends to snap back, my back arches).

    After an orgasm, I have a fairly long refractory period on most occasions (about 20-30mins), however, a few times with oral sex I have been able to keep going and have another orgasm within a few minutes.

    So, to sum up, the roller coaster hill/point of no return feeling, and vaginal contractions with a feeling of release. Interestingly enough, I never used to get any vaginal contractions growing up, but now that I exercise my muscles doing kegels, I find there are more/stronger contractions during orgasm. In my opinion, this feels great!

    One time when I was young and really hot for this guy I was able to have an orgasm from very light grinding and essentially just psyching myself up over it. Although there was a greater psychological component, it was the same thing, the point of no return, then feeling of release. Oh! And also, although I don’t “squirt” persay, I do have a sudden rush of vaginal lubrication after an orgasm.

    I agree with the other posters – no matter how you got off, just enjoy it! 😉

  14. 902all says:

    The way that I know it’s a physical orgasm and not a psychological elation is my bodies response to it. If I’m having an actual orgasm, I can feel the tingle sensation beginning in my lower abdomen and back and traveling to my actual center. My body completely tenses up, my thigh muscles tighten and my toes curl up and at the exact moment of climax I have extremely strong vaginal/anal contractions that will actually push whatever is inside my vagina outward, or push against the fingers on my clitoris. The contractions are short and jab-like and usually come in waves of about 4 or 5. Usually after I orgasm I don’t like contact with my clitoris because it can be painfully strong.

    If I’m just overstimulated and psychologically climaxing, my thighs quiver uncontrollably with any pressure on my clitoris, even a touch. It’s almost so sensitive that I can barely take a light touch and when I have that touch I can definitely tell it feels “omgamazing” and oftentimes I don’t want it to stop, despite being on the edge of too much touch.

    I hope that makes sense lol

  15. Midnight love says:

    I tighten up, and technically, we’ll if something or someone touches me “down there” it feels STRONG, almost painfull

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