Hi all. This morning I decided to take EC after a little condom mishap. I had a box of Next Choice EC that I got from Planned Parenthood (in my complementary condom and lube-filled goodie bag), which is 2 pills. The box says to take one pill, then take the second pill 12 hours later. When I received the box, though, the person at Planned Parenthood said that they recommend that a person takes both pills at once, because there have been many incidences of people forgetting to take the pill 12 hours later, therefore further compromising protection.
So when I took Next Choice, I took both pills at once. Can anyone comment on whether or not this actually could compromise the effectiveness by not following the box’s instructions? Thanks!

ETA: Thanks everyone for your help. I feel reassured, and am glad to know that it’s actually safer to take the pills at one time. I haven’t really noticed any side effects.

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  1. Nagzoa says:

    I have taken both at the same time before and did not end up pregnant. I’ve also taken it once and then again at 12 hours and did not end up pregnant.

  2. Noo99 says:

    I’ve taken EC a couple of times (condom broke), and I’ve always taken it twice – once every 12 hours. Sometimes I set an alarm on my phone / woke up at an odd hour to do that. However, if the woman at the clinic recommended you take them both at the same time, that must be equally effective because I can’t see a professional at Planned Parenthood giving out wrongheaded advice. It must be routine.

  3. NwoSmall says:

    I did a quick google and the International Consortium for Emergency Contraception (I did not know this existed but it looks legit) says
    “Many progestin-alone (levonorgestrel) brands of EC pills contain two pills, with instructions to take the second pill 12 hours after the first. However, research has found that levonorgestrel-only EC pills are more effective the sooner they are taken and can safely be taken as a single dose. ICEC therefore recommends taking Levonorgestrel EC pills as a single dose, even when using two-pill products”

  4. 642ova says:

    This was going to be my comment.

  5. EohNet says:

    Yes, it is often advised to take them together so you don’t forget to take the second one. The main reason to take them separately would be to reduce the chance of side-effects. If taking them together gave you nausea and you threw up before they had been absorbed, that could compromise the effectiveness. But taking them at the same time is totally fine and often recommended.

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