This is the story all about how
My vaginapagina got flipped-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute…


I’m taking anti-biotics for a Urinary tract infection. These pills will last me for a couple weeks. I take them quite a bit because I get recurring UTI’s… but never before have they given me such a horrible yeast infection. Icky!! I know…

It’s really bad though. To the point where it’s not just itchy and gross and nasty… but it’s dry-ish and irritated and almost hurts. I know I need to keep taking the anti-biotics because the last time I had a UTI it got so bad and went unnoticed and put me in the hospital.

My question is…
Should I go buy one of those 7-day treatments for the yeast infection, even though I have two weeks worth of UTI pills? I don’t really know what I should do. I mean… I could suffer through this week, and start the yeast treatments next week? Or should I get two weeks worth of yeast infection treatments.

I would go back to my doctor, except she told me that it could be a side effect… i just didn’t realize it would be this agitating.

Has anyone ever been given a yeast infection due to anti-biotics? What did you do? How should I handle this?

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14 Responses to Donut worry, I’m getting yeast to it.

  1. Pzody says:

    Dez i have and i get the offten on the anti. Deff get the treatment and start treating your self. And anti itch cream should help a tons with the irritation below. <3

  2. Xxxmsk says:


    i got all freaked out that I accidentally posted this to my own journal, Then I realized you were a member here as well =P

  3. 8idko says:

    Yeast infections are actually external symptoms (vaginas = external) of digestive issues.

    Alleviate the external symptoms while you’re still on antibiotics, then get your digestive tract back on track with some probiotics.

  4. Xxxmsk says:

    Thanks! =]

    The section on anti-biotics was extremely helpful!!

  5. DooFire says:

    Please get hold of some probiotics (Florastor is available at most drugstores and is a mega dose)… take 10-20 billion cultures a day at an opposite time from your antibiotic.

  6. Xxxmsk says:

    Thanks. this is very helpful… I’ve been looking up probiotics, and I’m getting myself more confused. Are they used to even out/counteract my yeast levels?

  7. DooFire says:

    When you’re on antibiotics, all the good flora and fauna in your digestive and genito-urinary tracts gets obliterated, along with whatever infection you initially took the antibiotics to fight off. Taking probiotics (the natural microscopic organisms that live in our stomachs and vaginas) will help build those microbes back up so they will overcome the yeast.

  8. Ezaora says:

    Along with antibiotics I’d suggest drinking LOTS of water. I mean TONS. Also, to relieve the itching and such I would get some organic coconut oil (sold in the health-foods isle at grocery stores and if you have health-food stores it’ll be there too). Coconut oil is AMAZING for when your ladybits are dry/itchy/unhappy. It’s slightly antifungal/antibacterial and won’t disrupt the flora and fauna of your girly bits, but it does wonders if you’re itchy or irritated.

    Good luck!

  9. Xxxmsk says:

    Oh, I have! I’ve been racing like a pee horse.

    I actually have coconut oil! I had no idea it could be used…down there =P thanks!

  10. Ezaora says:

    Make sure it’s organic and doesn’t have anything in it other than the coconut oil.


  11. YbrZero says:

    I got ONE little YI and my mom got scared!
    She said, “Go to your gyn and get some diflucan……in Belair.” :B

    I’m sorry, you just totally had me at the reference and I love you for it.

    I’ve had a yeasty because of anti-biotics before. Monistat worked for me once, and I’ve also had diflucan work (much quicker).

  12. Xxxmsk says:

    haha yesss! that was awesome. great follow up!

    I tried monistat once before too and even though there was a bit of relief I didn’t get the full amount I needed… so thanks for the diflucan suggestion. I think I’m going to do that!

  13. SseNope says:

    I personally like to avoid taking multiple rounds of an antibiotic or antifungal, so would wait until finishing the antibiotic before starting the diflucan or monistat. However, the vulvapedia ( has a whole page on home treatments for YIs. I would try some of those–one or two strategies consistently–for the duration of the abx. Daily garlic pessary? Apple cider vinegar douche (diluted)? They won’t contribute to resistance, but can help relieve the symptoms and keep the yeast from being so successful.

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