I apologize for the off-topic post I wrote a couple of days ago, now I know there's a specific LJ for relationship help. 🙂

Anyway I'm battling some vaginal itching. It feels like a yeast infection; however, the last time I had one was 3 years ago, so I could've been wrong. It feels like an itching, tingling feeling at the entrance of my vagina. I don't have any cottage cheese discharge like the last time, just itching. I suspect it's from the shaving cream I used and did not rinse off completely, because the itching started the morning after I shaved.

I went to see a GP and she said it's most likely yeast because sometimes the discharge doesn't manifest. She gave me a bottle of potassium permanganate wash, flucanozole, a tube of clotrimazole cream and a 3-day vaginal insert tablets of 100mg tioconazole.

Today's the third day and it still itches! Actually, the itch went away last night and for most of this morning, but just now the itch came back full force and I'm going crazy.

Have I been misdiagnosed?

I have a lot of discharge, but the consistency is the thick, wet and slimy kind, milky white, that I normally get during ovulation, except this time the amount of discharge is like 10 times more.

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3 Responses to Done the 3 day treatment, still itchy

  1. 8idko says:

    Change your diet. A yeast infection is a DIGESTIVE issue that happens to manifest itself externally — and they consider the vagina external.



    Your doctor only treated your symptoms, not the cause.

  2. Hteall says:

    You may also have yeast that is resistant to the anti-fungal — a longer course of treatment might help, too.

    Have you rinsed (with vinegar, or the wash) so that you don’t have any irritants, in case it is something like an allergic reaction?

  3. Syrco says:

    I recently had a BV flare I mistook for a yeast infection because it felt identical to one – the same burning itch. If it were me, I’d go back to the doctor and ask for an actual test to see what’s making its home down south.

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