Hi guys.

For those of you who might remember my previous posts, I finally found a pill that stopped my ongoing bleeding problems. I’m using a pantyliner now, which is all good as I’ve lived in pads for the past seven months.

My curiosity is this. For many years prior to having my baby (7 months old now), I always had a weird yellow discharge that smelt a bit funky. However, during the period I had this discharge, because I was worried about it (and was suffering with thrush) I had a full STD check up (in 2009) and was told there was nothing wrong at all. Everything came back negative.

This discharge has now returned since the bleeding has stopped. Sometimes I remember it being a browny colour in the past, but it mostly seems yellow to me, and it does smell quite unusual.

Is this probably just normal for me? I’ve had tons of swab tests obviously, and nothing has come back positive. I have indications of Interstitial Cystitis as I’ve suffered with bladder problems for years and years now, and I don’t know whether it’s possible it could be leakage? It’s not loads but let’s just say I do get uncomfortable and had to change my underwear once or twice a day in the past. What’s your opinions?

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  1. Hteall says:

    By “unusual,” do you mean bad-like-fish, stale, urine-like, bread-like, or perhaps just “extremely vagina-ish”?

    The last one may simply be a hydration issue; if you can drink more water (fluids are always good if you’re nursing, too!), then it might become fainter.

    Bread-like is the traditional yeast infection odor.

    Foul/fishy is the traditional description of BV’s scent. (Did they culture any swabs to see if BV showed up?)

    “Stale” is how I would describe my just immediately post-period state, personally. Not quite foul, but kinda… well, stale blood. A shower clears that up for me, but if you’ve got any old blood left that’s slowly coming out, the “stale” scent might linger.

    Urine-like might suggest some issue with the bladder muscles, and possible leaking, yes.

    I hope that gives you some avenues to poke doctors about, and/or seek home remedies!

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