Long story very short…I posted here awhile ago about having a UTI, and after seeing my doctor and taking 2 rounds of different antibiotics, my symptoms were still persisting (which were basically a small amount of blood in my urine sometimes when I went to the bathroom, and lower abdomen/back pain). I got another blood/urine culture and my doctor said, hey, no infection at all, probably time to get an ultrasound to see if it's kidney stones!

Man, I WISH it were kidney stones…

I got my ultrasound yesterday morning and there is a "mass in my bladder that is either a larger than normal cyst or something else". Next step is seeing a urologist for a consultation tomorrow, but I basically know that I'm going to have to get a cystoscopy. Has anyone here ever had one done? I'm very nervous and don't do well with doctors/hospital procedures in general, so I'm not looking forward to it at all. What can I expect in terms of the procedure itself and the recovery afterwards?

Also, send good thoughts my way that this thing in my bladder is hopefully just a cyst and nothing worse! 🙁

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  1. Enioya says:

    Hugs and good thoughts coming your way!

  2. Noyeeva says:

    i have worked at a urogynecology office for five years. in the time that i’ve worked there, i’ve never seen anyone come out of a cystoscopy and not be able to walk on out of there and drive themselves home. the way our office does it is they use lidocaine to numb you and they insert the scope into the urethra. on a screen, the doctor can see what is going on in your bladder. the scope is in your bladder for 3-5 minutes and then you’re able to get dressed and it’s done. for some people, there is burning with urination for a few days afterward, for which we recommend pyridium. for very few people (usually elderly who have chronic catheters) we supply them with an antibiotic as a precaution after the cystoscopy. a co-worker of mine is also a patient at the practice. she said her first cysto, she was terrified. she had psyched herself up thinking it would hurt and be awful. she said she was surprised. of course, it was unpleasant but she said ‘it’s not that bad and i wouldn’t be afraid to have another one done.’

    i hope this helps. i know it isn’t first hand experience but maybe it gives you a little peace of mind.

  3. EcrNet says:

    I’ve had more than I can count on one hand as I have interstitial cystitis and before I hit a remission stage I had to have one every 3 months. I had them in hospitals and was put to sleep completely during the procedure. It was relatively painless and other than being sleepy for the day it was a non-issue. Peeing is usually slightly irritating or unusual for the first 2-3 bathroom trips after for me, and there have been some slight burning which may have been my existing bladder issues, not sure. By the next day I was fine.

  4. 58yDr says:

    I had to have one 3 years ago (I have IC). They tried to just do it in the office but apparently my urethra was too small which caused me to be in too much pain for her to insert anything. I had to come back later and get “put under” to have it done. Recovery wasn’t great. It burned when I peed for a day or two and I had to take antibiotics.

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