This might seem like a silly question but, I had penis in vagina intercourse and we used a condom. I was on top when he came and when he pulled out I noticed that the tip of the condom had a clump of semen on one side (kinda vertically all on one side) and then the other side had nothing in it and the rest of the semen seemed to be below the reservoir tip. Is this because of gravity? The reservoir tip was still puffed up so I don't think it broke or leaked or anything. I'm so use to seeing most of the semen in the reservoir tip but I'm not usually on top, so just seeing some clumped in there kinda threw me off.


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  1. Eix007 says:

    After my partner pulls out while wearing a condom, I usually find that it looks how you describe–and I do think it’s because of gravity. I drew a little (NSFW) ms paint picture to illustrate it.

    When you say “the reservoir tip was still puffed up,” do you mean that it was full of air or semen? Because you’re supposed to pinch the tip of the condom to push the air out of the reservoir tip, because I believe air bubbles can mess with the integrity of the condom.

    Anywho, hope this helps!

  2. EydNobody says:

    I wish I had MS Paint to draw it, it was sort of like that actually but there was semen on both sides not just one. It was my first time on top so I have no other reference point. Aha. 🙂

    As for the tip being puffed out, there wasn’t any air in it when we put it on I just meant that after he ejaculated the semen that was on one side of the reservoir tip was making it puff up if that makes any sense.

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