I hate to keep coming back here but it seems like I'm having one problem after another D:

I have just finished 3 packs of Nortrel 7/7/7. (generic for necon 7/7/7, same compound as ortho novum 7/7/7) I got my withdrawal bleed as normal. I took my last active pill 10 days ago. I have stopped taking it completely but am using condoms now. My period started 7 days ago and ended yesterday.

A little while ago today, my boob felt a little sore, so I massaged it. I felt something wet, and sure enough, when I roll up my shirt and squeeze my nipple, some clear discharge comes out. It tastes like sweat. Went to my other nipple, same thing happened! It's a very small amount.

Please tell me this is a side effect of getting off the pills. I also have hypothyroidism and haven't had my dose adjusted/levels tested in a while. I see my doctor on the 19th, but is this something I should make an early appointment for? I am flipping every wig I have.

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  1. Hteall says:

    It is probably entirely normal, but you can certainly tell your doctor about it. (I can express green stuff from my nipples. Mammogram and ultrasound the first time around (“normally abnormal”), and years later, smears, and finally an endocrinologist pronounced me half-Martian, to my delight.

    Basically, if your hormones are a little wonked, and/or you’ve been having more nipple-play than usual, you can have discharge like that.

    Do get your thyroid levels checked, though! I went years and then my immune system decided to mount a 25-man raid on the Thyroid Boss and I had to up my Unithroid (brand levothyroxin) dose. O:(

  2. Ehc007 says:

    Ah, okay, I’m a lot more calm now. I had a talk with my mom -whom I inherited my thyroid from- and she had the same consensus.

    I’ve heard of estrogen messing with your thyroid medication. I hope it’s only temporary, though. I do feel a lot better off HBC than on, in any case.

    This last period made my boobs hurt a bit and I suppose I’ve been massaging them more. I know touching them will make the discharge last longer but it’s so tempting, they’re achy.

  3. Hteall says:

    Oh, right! No, the estrogen thing both is and isn’t “temporary” — it’s apparently, far as I know, an effect of estrogen, which binds up one of the thyroid’s hormones so that it is not available to the body. A healthy thyroid can compensate and produce more of that, but a hypo one generally cannot. So while you are on an estrogen-containing HBC, it will mean you probably need a higher dose of levothyroxine. Now that you are off it, you might be over-medicated. (Or, if you did not have your dose adjusted after going on HBC, you might’ve been under-medicated for the duration.)

    This is why thyroid problems are often considered a “women’s problem,” and not tested for well in men (or, presumably, women with testicles). (This consideration may well have resulted in my mother’s father (a cis man) dying early, with dementia, for want of a blood test and a tiny pill. Dammit.) The increased estrogen of an ovary-dominant body means that the thyroid’s hormones are interfered with more than in a testosterone-based hormonal mix.

    You might try a vitamin B complex for the soreness? It helps some with my PMS-sore bosom, at least… That, and my one strapless bra, for some weird reason — if I wear the poorly fitting bra, that’s too big, it’s worse than nothing at all, then. (But if you get crabby/anxious all the time, discontinue the B. Some folks react badly to extra B. others, like me, need it all the time. O:> )

    By the way, if you haven’t discovered it, thyroid is a useful place for thyroid-questions. …I will probably forget I “saw” you here first, because my memory is kinda sad that way….

  4. 27sme says:

    I wonder if I finally successfully nag the NHS into re-checking my creepy green stuff I can be pronounced half Martian too? Seriously, it’s a relief to know I am not the only one.

    (I’ve had it checked, they didn’t find anything, I’m due for the follow up but the NHS, they dither, because I am not 50)

  5. Hteall says:

    If you get an awesome endo, you might be half-Martian, too! Or part-dryad, I suppose.

    After that diagnosis (hee hee!), she explained that green discharge is something that can just happen, and no one has figured out why it’s green. It’s “in the literature.” And it’s apparently generally harmless. If you’ve had the expressed green stuff checked for cancerous cells on slides, then I wouldn’t worry overmuch even if the NHS is being dithery.

    In my case, I had green, got it mammogrammed at 20-something, got ultrasounded, all was pronounced well. Then I had a kid, had /no/ green discharge when pumping, even the early pumping inthe hospital (she was 2 months early), none for all the years I nursed her (about 3 till she stopped getting a nosh for nap times), and after a bit… Oh, hey, green again if I squeeze!

    The endo did the various tests, including to see if my prolactin was elevated (nah), but was pretty sure that with that history, nothing was wrong.

  6. 27sme says:

    Thank you for the reassurance! First occurrence was in Australia where they did slides, mammogram and ultrasound, gave me the all clear and said it just happens sometimes. They told me to get a mammogram at 40 and now I am in London and they aren’t keen. They did do the prolactin tests and they were all normal too.

    I have had a look at some stuff online and talked to a couple of medical type mates of mine and they all say that some level of nipple discharge is somewhat normal but since we don’t get told about this it is very freaky when it happens.

  7. Hteall says:

    If you had prolactin checked, and if you got the all-clear on everything, and if it’s both sides and not just one… I wouldn’t stress, personally. (And yes, it is indeed rather freaky! I think my doctor was mildly dismayed by the green. Ranges from a near-yellow/cream color from one duct, to a mossy-graygreen from another, to nearly black! But hey… half-Martian! O:D )

  8. 27sme says:

    Thank you again for much reassurance!

    Also thank you to neetzsche – I inadvertently hijacked your comments bit. I am glad you’ve also received reassurance.

    Nipples – fun and confusing!

  9. Ehc007 says:

    Lol, no problem. At least mine has cleared up for now. Good luck to you and your nipples.

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