I had sex on Thursday (29th of March) and last night (2nd of April). It was protected (condom + lots of lube to be extra careful it didn't break because of dryness). I've gotten in the habit of checked and tracking my cervix/cervical mucus these past few months and noticed something really unusual today. My cervix is extremely high, pretty much almost impossible to touch almost as if it was elongated, very hard and closed. It's been like that all day. I pretty much don't have any cervical mucus either. I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience, if its due to the sex I had last night or if its possibly because of pregnancy since I read that the cervix rises during pregnancy? Definitely worried and paranoid. 🙁


Edit: When I checked last night before going to bed it was still unreachable and there were a few drops of blood, the same goes for today, its high and hard and I'm spotting. 🙁

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  1. EohNet says:

    Do you know when you ovulated? I never checked cervical position, and I’ve heard that it’s pretty hard to tell you’re pregnant based on cervical position and cervical mucus, but I couldn’t say for sure.

  2. EydNobody says:

    My period just ended the 28th, so no I haven’t ovulated yet.

    That’s fair to say, just when I googled it everything pointed to pregnancy so my mind went “OMGGG”.

    I’m not familiar with my cervix being this high and tender.. :/

  3. Loaora says:

    It sounds like your sex was protected and there is no chance of pregnancy. Also, that sounds like what my cervix felt like right after my period this past cycle and I know for a fact I am not pregnant. It also would surprise me if you cervix was tender from the sex itself.

    I never trust Google w/ questions about pregnancy. It’s often unreliable. Here is a good link (with NSFW) pics of how the cervix looks throughout your cycle. It may help you out a bit more.


  4. Earoeva says:

    that is an amazing site

  5. Loaora says:

    Also, it doesn’t hurt to take a test, just to ease your mind. The Dollar Tree has pretty reliable tests for cheap.

  6. Bmuall says:

    i know that the cervix rises during and after sex, but i’m not sure for how long. i only know this because i use a diaphragm and, should i attempt to find it after intercourse, sometimes i can’t because the cervix is high. but by 8-10 hours later, when i take it out, it’s reachable again.

  7. Bmuall says:

    also, what do you mean that your cervix is hard and closed?

    if i’m not mistaken, there is a mucosal plug that we develop during our cycle which is most viscous during ovulation, but otherwise it can be firm. if you’re feeling something, maybe it’s the plug? or you’re feeling the tip of the cervix itself. i can only ever find a little bit that feels rather like the ridge of my nose; i’ve never been able to feel the whole thing.

    if you’re concerned about conceiving from the past week, it’s unlikely that you’d have any signs as far as the shape of the cervix goes, because at most you’d have a microscopic bundle of cells that had just implanted into your uterine lining. but if you have had protected sex, why are you worried? just watch your body and learn from it 🙂

  8. EydNobody says:

    It’s been close to 20hours since I had sex and it’s still really high :s

    All I mean by hard is that it’s literally rock hard feeling to the touch.

    It has been protected and these two occasions are the only instances where i’ve had intercourse this cycle, it was just… different to feel my cervix so high so naturally i was worried.

  9. 38ere says:

    Can you feel how long your cervix is from the tip to the part where it turns into the top of your vagina? When I was pregnant, my cervix was long. (Like.. an inch maybe longer.) When I am not preggo, it changes positions and texture during my cycle. What yours sounds like is normal for right after your period. 🙂

  10. SseNope says:

    Agreed. My cervix definitely gets hard and high, and I’ve never been pregnant. I don’t recall exactly when it does so, but right after a period sounds about right.

    Just checked. It’s pretty much the end of my period, and my cervix is higher than I can comfortably reach, and hard like my chin (somewhat fleshy at the surface but rock hard underneath).

  11. EydNobody says:

    Last night it felt about 2 inches long. Today, a little less 1 1/2 seems about right but as i mentioned in the post below I started bleeding again (not spotting or anything)

  12. EydNobody says:

    I started bleeding today again. 😕 My cervix is still higher then i can comfortably reach as well, not as hard. It’s not spotting or anything, it’s full on red/slightly reddish brown blood. Is it possible that this is just an abnormal cycle? I don’t think I had any risk of pregnancy even though thats one of the things that seemed to make sense with my cervix position since there was no condom breakage, they didn’t slip off or pop and my partner withdrew immediately after he ejaculated and it would only be 6 days ago now since the first time I had sex after my last period.

  13. 66aNa says:

    I went to my doctors to have a coil/IUD fitted a few years ago and was advised to come in just before my period started as the cervix would be low, open and relaxed, I’m thinking that this a normal part of the monthly cycle.

    It could be that you are so worried about getting pregnant and you are over focusing on it and driving yourself mad, I’ve been there and understand totally, if you are worried, pregnancy tests are available from chemists and will tell you quickly if you are pregnant or not.

  14. EydNobody says:

    That probably is it. This whole having sex thing is totally new to me too 🙁 I’m still spotting, and my cervix is super high and soft. It doesn’t feel like a period though. So confused by this all.

  15. EydNobody says:

    The spotting stopped. It’s still really high, kinda wet but I noticed that the tip of my cervix almost points off/at an angle and that when i try to reach it the first thing I touch is the bottom or maybe its the side of the cervix and not the tip itself. to touch the tip i pretty much have to tug it down or else i’m just feeling the side.

    is my cervix tilted?

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