Hello, everyone. I'm actually really worried right now and any advice would be appreciated.

Basically, I've been pretty constipated lately. My partner and I have been trying to conceive this month for the first time and I'm currently about 9 DPO. I took an early pregnancy test yesterday and today and it showed up negative, and I am kind of assuming it didn't work this month. However, my problem is that three times now, I've seen spotting after a bowel movement. Sorry for the graphic nature, but it tends to happen after I've, um, strained a bit. It's never much … just a drop or two of brownish or pinkish blood. It's very obviously coming from my vagina. I'm obviously really anxious about this, as spotting was pretty rare for me my whole life until 2012. Now, I've had spotting for a day before my period twice, spotting during ovulation once and now this. I've Googled a bit and run across things like polyps, cervical cancer, endometriosis, etc. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I'm going to wait until my period comes and passes and make an appointment. But for now, it's really terrifying for me, and on top of my worries about not being able to conceive, I'm just very anxious right now. Thanks a lot!

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  1. RotYes says:

    There is a possibility that it’s implantation bleeding. Or just regular spotting. Spotting is pretty normal, actually- I frequently spot after penetration, sometimes during ovulation, and occasionally after a BM. Are you experiencing any pain, new odors, anything like that?

  2. Bobspb says:

    I was going to add this! Your cervix is prone to bleeding more easily if you’re pregnant and something irritates it. Had you recently had sex when it happened, or are you pretty sure it’s connected to the BM and straining?

  3. GniNet says:

    No, we kind of stopped having PIV sex after I thought my fertile period had passed (ha ha, I’m such an opportunist) … and it definitely has a connection to when I go to the bathroom. It happened once on the 7th, once yesterday and once today. I’ve actually never seen spotting after sex, although considering how wacky my body is lately I’m sure it is only time!

  4. GniNet says:

    That’s actually reassuring to hear that it’s normal. I haven’t had any unusual odors at all and I’ve just been a little crampy on and off for about five days now, like mild period cramps. Of course that is common for me … I often get intermittent mild cramping a week or so before my period. I have thought of implantation bleeding, although I’m trying not to get my hopes up!

  5. RotYes says:

    You tested pretty early; maybe try testing again at 14 dpo? Good luck with your TTC journey!

  6. Bobspb says:

    Have you considered implantation bleeding?

    Do not fall too hard into the arms of Dr. Google! I’ve been there!

    This type of bleeding happened to me both times I was pregnant, and I was worried until I discovered that implantation bleeding can (but doesn’t always) occur 7-14 days past conception. Does that line up at all for you?

    ETA: My MW was the one who quoted me on the 7-10 days thing, though Mayoclinic.com says 10-14 days. Here’s the excerpt from their site about it:

    Implantation bleeding — typically defined as bleeding that occurs 10 to 14 days after conception — is normal and relatively common.

    Implantation bleeding is thought to happen when the fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus. Implantation bleeding generally lasts for a short time, and is usually much lighter and occurs earlier than a menstrual period. Occasionally, implantation bleeding might last for one to two days with a flow similar to a menstrual period.

    Some women don’t experience implantation bleeding and others don’t notice it. It’s also possible to mistake implantation bleeding for a period. If this happens, you might not realize that you’re pregnant — which can lead to mistakes when determining a baby’s due date.

    Implantation bleeding stops on its own and doesn’t require treatment. If the bleeding persists or you’re concerned about any vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, contact your health care provider.

    And just as an aside, you never have to worry about TMI here. We talk about butts, poop, blood, discharge, you name it. No worries! It’s all welcome here. 🙂

  7. GniNet says:

    Re: Have you considered implantation bleeding?

    I think I probably ovulated on March 1-3, so that does kind of line up for me. I’ve been trying not to think I’m pregnant, but to be honest the two negatives I’ve seen so far have been pretty early. I guess there’s still a possibility I could see a positive somewhere down the road. Obviously that would be the best case scenario for me!

  8. 901Nobody says:

    For what it’s worth, I’ve gotten a bit of spotting during tough BMs (thanks, IBS!), usually when approaching my period, but not always, and I’ve never been pregnant. No STDs or polyps, cancer, etc.

    I’d say it’s within the realm of ‘normal’ and wouldn’t worry. 🙂

    Good luck TTC!

    • bnho11 says:

      Thank you for this! This spotting has been happening to me lately and I am freaking out. Going to doctor tomorrow but reading your comment has reassured me!

  9. GniNet says:

    Thank you, that’s really reassuring to hear. I still will probably get it checked out, but that does help ease the panic I was having.

    And thanks!

  10. Ealiut says:

    Just one more drop in your maybe bucket here. I never really spot, except for a few drops after pelvic exams, and have an extremely regular cycle. I mean extremely, to the point where the only 2 times I’ve been more than 12 hours late, I’ve been pregnant both times. First pregnancy, my spotting was the same as usual, the only spotting I ever had was when they had to touch my cervix for checks, and a little bit at the time of my first missed period. This time around (due next month, almost there!) I’ve had spotting caused by sex, bowel movements, and at least twice for no apparant reason, but my first missed period was completely MIA, not even a drop. Every pregnancy is different, and can either follow the “rules” for what’s normal for your body or be completely different from normal!

    I do agree it sounds like you may be testing a bit too early. Like other PP’s have said, from what I know 14 DPO is basically the earliest you can assume a negative is actually a negative and not just too early. It does sound like the timing could line up for this to be implantation bleeding, but I would still be cautious about making assumptions.

    Good luck, and happy baby making!

  11. GniNet says:

    Thanks! I actually tested today at 10 DPO and saw a faint but very distinct line … like, you don’t even have to squint to see it, and my partner saw it easily too. However, it’s making me anxious because I’m having relatively noticeable cramps. I know cramping can be common in early pregnancy, but I’m also worried I’m going to have another chemical pregnancy. I had one in November and that time, I didn’t have ANY cramping, which I thought was a good sign … so this is a little nervewracking. Thanks for your feedback though! I am really hoping this will be a successful pregnancy.

  12. Eneita says:

    Congrats on the line! I had pretty noticeable cramping up until about 7-8 weeks (I’m 11w2d right now), so yeah, definitely normal. I hope this one is a happy and healthy pregnancy for you.

  13. Erin says:

    How did everything turn out for you? I’m curious because I’m 7 days passed ovulation and trying and I just had a bowel moment and noticed blood.This sometimes happens to me from time to time, worries me! Its just enough for 2 or 3 wipes (sorry TMI) Anyway 2 years ago I had a positive pregnancy test, I had bowel movement that caused bleeding like what just happened and the bleeding never stopped and I ended up miscarrying.

  14. Annalise says:

    Hi Erin and Gninet
    Just wondering how things turned out how things turned out for you both. I am going through the exact same thing at the moment. I’ve never had so much bleeding after BM and today a noticed a tiny little clot and I never clot other than the start of my period?
    I’m very curious as to what it could be?

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